Gordon Ramsay Dash chef duels are broken

tawnieknight@gmail.com[email protected] New MemberRegistered Users 7 Posts
When are you going to fix chef duels? The network connection is broken. Loads of players can not connect. Daily challenges can't be completed? people are losing points in chef duels and rankings because they are forfeiting. It has been broken since at least Sunday


  • [RR] Sage[RR] Sage Glu Moderator Moderators 1,102 Posts
    Be sure to submit a ticket and we will see what we can do. We do not get estimates as to when fixes are going in to games unfortunately.
  • tawnieknight@gmail.com[email protected] New Member Registered Users 7 Posts
    Multiple tickets have been submitted. Glu is doing nothing. I have had a duel stuck in my queue for two weeks. I reported it and nothing. Now I can't connect to the network again and when I do it says I have forfeited duels I was never notified of. I went from junior back to trainee and some of the requirements for the wishelin sets are 1300 points in chef duels so I can never achieve this. It is ridiculous.
  • [RR] Sage[RR] Sage Glu Moderator Moderators 1,102 Posts
    We don't have any tickets as old as 2 weeks. The oldest tickets in the dash game queues are longer than usual (around 5 days instead of around 2) but nothing that old. Using the address you posted with I see a ticket answered and closed 10 days ago and 2 that are 6 and 7 hours old. The developers are aware of our reports but as I said we don't have any ETA on an update that may address that issue.
  • ElloHElloH New Member Registered Users 19 Posts
    Dear glu team,there have been some problems since the last update of Gordon ramsay dash.
    I have already submitted a ticket to the customer care,but there has been no reply yet.
    So,I would like to highlight some of the issues,which I hope can be a help in making improvements to the game.

    I have seen that for some players,a new icon has been introduced,enabling chefs to add friends and complete challenges.This seems amazing and I am even excited to discover this new feature of GRD,but unfortunately it does not appear for me even if I have the latest update of the game.
    I would like to add that I am using an Android.

    Since last week,the Chef duel screen is taking time to load and most of the time it says that there is a network error even if I am connected to a strong internet connection.

    During the times the Chef duel screen managed to open,I succeeded in quick dueling an opponent,seeing the upgrade stats and choosing recipes and as I click on duel,it shows the winning/losing stats of both players but then crashes!
    This occurs during most of the times I want to play a duel.

    Many duel tokens and much time are lost due to this issue.
    And as you know,duel tokens take time to load.
    Owing to this,I have not been able to play as many duels as I have been used to.
    Thus,I was unable to achieve my maximum of the chef duels points causing a decrease in chef ranking,gold and tickets awarded at the end of the week.
    There are also times where playing chef duels are required as daily challenge to get gold.This as well goes incomplete due to this problem.

    Playing episodes as well can lead to crashes!
    Any episode at any restaurant where Gordon has something to say before the episode starts,the game crashes!
    In fact,have not been able to play any episode where Gordon shows up before the episode starts.
    I have also been unable to serve the Wishlin inspector because of this problem.
    Here time,ingredients for playing and even wishlin stars are lost!
    It prevents from progressing to the next episode and unlocking new episodes as well.

    There are times where the market of ingredients also won't load.

    All these problems are frustrating.
    I have noticed that they even worsen during events!
    I suppose that it is because there many chefs connected to the game,but before the update it was not like this.
    There have been issues in the past as well,but they have all been solved by the glu team.

    As new problems have cropped up,I would like to make you aware so that the glu team can make the game better and make it as awesome as it was so that all chefs are given the opportunity to play!
    I really hope these issues will be dealt with soon!
    Thank you for your comprehension and keep up the good work!
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  • ALISE1ALISE1 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    My duel tokens are at 0 and have been for over a day and next reset is not for another 28 hours and 12 min. I am forfeiting duels and losing my rank. Fix this!!!
  • JalluJallu Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Gordon ramsay game cannot be played.  in chefduels or taking food.  It has been protracted reported via customer service but there has never been any improvement.  do i have to give a one star rating
  • RR PhoenixRR Phoenix New Member Registered Users 29 Posts
    edited May 7
    Hello everyone! 

    Fortunately, our dev team has been aware of this issue and has made several changes to fix the network connection issues as well as various recent issue that have occured with Chef Duels. We sincerely appreciate your patience and hanging in there with us. 

    In the meantime, if you have any other issues occurring in your game that you need assistance with, feel free to contact our support team with your username and as much information as possible (including screenshots) so that they can resolve your issue in the shortest amount of time possible. 

    Keep in mind there is a very short wait time, but an agent will always get back to you.

    Don't leave any customers unfed!
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