Cooking Dash lost progress!! Been 1 month no help

astonisheddemon111astonisheddemon111 Registered Users 15 Posts
All my tickets sent to Glu Customer Serv were deleted, I have to start all over again?! The same way all my levels reset to zero?


  • Hidalgo1Hidalgo1 Registered Users 4 Posts
    The Dash group of customer care reps for cooking and ramsay dash games leave a lot to be desired. In fact as a loyal customer I feel personally insulted. Insulted that the same bugs and glitches keep happening over and over and they don't care enough to fix them. Insulted that one has to contact them a million times before anyone ever acknowledges ur tickets or emails. These games are suppose to be enjoyable and a fun past time but have turned into nothing but frustration,anger and headaches. I'm about at the end of my rope with this, losing ur progress on any given day for absolutely no reason or fault on the customer's part.
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