Cooking Dash progress gone

All progress lost in the game, I had completed many seasons and upgrades. How do I reload my profile?


  • k2hotalingk2hotaling 1 PostsRegistered Users
    This just happened to me today. I haven't heard back yet. Let me know if you fix it please.
  • darcyvoodarcyvoo 2 PostsRegistered Users
    I lost all progress today. I have played obsessively (seriously, obsessively) for three years. I am desperate to get my progress back. Please let me know if either of you have any luck. My account is linked to a Facebook account and I have NOT uninstalled.
  • THinton33THinton33 1 PostsRegistered Users
    I've lost my game progress also, has anyone heard back from customer service?
  • astonisheddemon111astonisheddemon111 15 PostsRegistered Users
    Me too, lost all progress in Cooking Dash for a week now! What's going on? This game had been crashing & lagging, it actually rebooted right before my eyes while playing! Zero customer serv, won't respond. The only response i got was asking me to take a screen shot? FOR WHAT? Their games system has had system tech issue that needed to be fixed. what a waste of time for players. They should just shut down the game if it constantly hv problems so ppl wont waste their time & money.
  • amandafay18amandafay18 2 PostsRegistered Users
    Lost all my progress as well. Ive been playing for years and spent money playing. 
    Sent over 5 messages and they have all been ignored 
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