mlb tap 2018 keeps closing

jiggswhojiggswho Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
I can't even play anymore, I soon as I open it I get a message that the game suddenly closed. It loads up and closes within 30 seconds of loading. I spent a bunch of gold this weekend to stay at rank 17 in the prime event and 100 in the club ranking to get 2, 5 star specialty draft picks. My iPhone has lots of space (brand new from 2 months ago) bandwidth is ok, and I'm not running any other apps. I've reset the phone too. Its enraging that I've spent all this time and gold and now can't even play and won't get a chance at winning the 5 star specialty picks. Also can't change my nickname from default wickedhurricanes12788 which bugged me but nothing like this.


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