Cooking Dash Customer Service SUCKS

nprioleaunprioleau 6 PostsRegistered Users
For some reason, NO ONE will help me with the progress I've lost in the game even after I've messaged them multiple times AND created new tickets. I was playing the game last weekend, and bought some more gold and got my upgrades in Tokyo Akedo to 79%. Then it crashed and when I opened it again, my upgrades were at 17% and said I'm only 210/300 when I finished the ENTIRE season. The game reverted me back to a time BEFORE I purchased the upgrades. I've been trying to get someone to resolve this issue since then and NO ONE has helped. They either need to refund my money, or bring me up to date on my progress but no one is helping me. IDK what to do and I am pissed because I've been playing this game for at least three years now!


  • [RR] Sage[RR] Sage Glu Moderator 1,080 PostsModerators
    You should really only create one ticket for the issue. Creating multiple tickets just confuses things. If we are able to fix it we certainly will.
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