Jailed. HELP!

bigjay148bigjay148 27 PostsRegistered Users, Member
So, I got jailed. Didn’t even know what being jailed was. Guys in my club had to explain it to me. I have reached out to Glu, and no response. 

The only thing I can think is that I told Glu to get the **** together Thursday. But why would they wait till today to jail me for that?

Please help


  • D475D475 47 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    If you get help, let me know how. I've been jailed since Sunday and haven't gotten anywhere yet!
  • [RR] Sage[RR] Sage Glu Moderator 1,082 PostsModerators
    The customer care team doesn't jail account, that is done by the dev team so it is unlikely comments you made in a ticket would result in that. Wait times are long because of the iOS issue last Thursday so it will likely take a few days before you get a response.
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