MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Top Feedback - March

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The customer care team frequently gets feedback from our players that we pass along to the development team and we wanted to highlight the top 5 feedback/complaint/suggestion items that we received in the month of March so that our players are aware we really do read these and make sure the teams are aware. 
  1.  Suggestions for Keepers program going forward  - Obviously something like this is for future versions of the game but the Keeper system was a great addition that caused a great deal of interest and unfortunately frustration for some players where it didn't work out easily.  This also happens to be our top ticket volume creator.
  2. Some players are critical of the team strength ratings - Some of this is just players understanding what is calculated but there is always room to improve that to make sure players know how tough their opponent may be.
  3. Walk off Hero difficulty - This one we have sent to the development team even in 2018.  They do review completion rates and what it takes to earn prizes on a regular basis but the reality is they want those last levels to be very hard.  That is probably the most skill part of the game and for those that can complete it they have accomplished a great feat.
  4. Issues with videos - This one is a bit tough as much of it is outside our control.  Often by the time we get information related to what video is having trouble it is already out of the rotation from the ad vendors (particularly if players never saw the actual video or didn't inform us of what it was in the initial ticket).  That being said the development team made some changes again just last week to hopefully clear out a few of the issues we have been able to identify.
  5. Crashing - Another issue that can be difficult to fix.  Without being able to reproduce a crash the development team will never know if it is fixed.  If we can't make it happen how do you know it stopped happening?  We even receive tickets where we are thanked for fixing it when nothing has actually changed.  What the customer care team has done is noted all the devices that have reported crashing and given that data to the dev team to help them focus on hardware to focus their testing.  Players can help by identifying what they were doing when it occurred and what type of crash they are experiencing.  Did you just drop to the home screen, was their some kind of error message that popped up or did it just freeze and you had to quit out?


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    Thanks for staying on it !!!
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    Stylo LG 4 Android is having huge delays after videos or crashes. 2019 tsb. 
    "If a man gives you his best, what more can you ask him to give".
  • MISSREDMISSRED Registered Users, Member 251 Posts
    MISSRED said:
    Stylo LG 4 Android is having huge delays after videos or crashes. 2019 tsb. 
    If i reinstall the app, they work fine for first 25 videos. Then slows, then crashes. I uninstall reinstall, and repeat. Makes me want to quit for real. Only staying in hopes its soon fixed? PS, i spent $75 so far in 2019 on my 3 teams. I will spend more if i stay. Please fix it. All Androids really. STYLO LG 4 is the worst. 
    "If a man gives you his best, what more can you ask him to give".
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    I opened a Rip Roaring Ray's box and pulled the special edition Morton but he isn't on my roster. I also had an issue with Blake Snell not being added to my roster after winning woh. Customer care adjusted my roster and added Snell but no Morton still. I got a replacement box only to get a 3 star 3rd baseman. 
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    @bobcat43 it’s been a common occurrence. I know they released a statement out last week you have to keep you starters unlocked so new pitchers could be added to your team. I think it’s a glitch messing up getting new pitchers to your team
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