Allow being able to trade players or at least have a limited number of trades per team

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player TRADES

Allow being able to trade players or at least have a limited number of trades per team 45 votes

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  • simplysuperdavesimplysuperdave Registered Users, Member 22 Posts
    I think this should be a club feature you earn after one week of being with a club to prevent club jumpers, you can have an option in clubs called “on the block” where you can put players you select you willing to deal with other players in your club. 
    Just like you you win franchise coins, ice packs, bonus games etc, you can win trading papers you can assign a player you willing to put in the club block. Allowing other members of the club to make proposed trades using their trading papers on a player on their team. 
    Mall in all, I do think it needs to be a club feature. The leader can approve trades even if enabled. 
    Many things you can tweak here and play with but should be done considering trading players would make this game the equalivent of baseball trading cards back in the day.  
    Plus trading players is part of the game
  • KBdaBOS36KBdaBOS36 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    I definitely agree and have been wondering about this for a long time now. For one; trading is absolutely part of the game and should at the least be able to have a limited amount of trades possible! Also it would make the game that much more fun, exciting and competitive. Although I do think you should only be able to make trades with your own club members but wouldn’t be against all members of the game. Even if it’s just because you’re a fan of one team and someone that’s a fan of a different team have a player you really actually like you should definitely be able to work something out with them to get that guy if it’s possible! It would just make things way better and more interesting and like I said it is actually part of the game and should be part of this one! Please make this happen.....thanks! 
  • TheRedBeardTheRedBeard Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    I'd even take a market place like in madden mobile, so you could load teams up and cheat. 

    It's just a blind auction for money or gold.  So when you get 4 third basemen that are awesome you can sell 2 and get the other position you need that still has a 4 star 
  • Funkocubs86Funkocubs86 Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    There are pros and cons to this. Like the idea idk?
  • kelvinnkelvinn Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    Yes but within your club only ! Limit on 1 to 3 trades per person 
  • wolfden3wolfden3 Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    Why limit it? And would it not be more exciting to be able to trade with anyone that plays perhaps bartering ex. Be able to trade evos or xps points ect for players just ultimate freedom to do what's fun. question for anyone, why if I have a five star player capped at gold and there max is over 300 but capped at 122 when I click on the capped button it says I need to get player's with more stars!!!!!how hell is that possible????
  • ElTownBombersElTownBombers Registered Users, Member 33 Posts
    I think it would be a great idea for trading within your club could help out our lower members who's cant afford to pay to try and keep up with he rest of us
  • MISSREDMISSRED Registered Users, Member 251 Posts
    Trade them in to glu for another box, or xp seems the fairest way to me. Otherwise 1 rich guy will make insane trades to stack his whole club. And glu will lose money when guys get players they would have kept paying to try and get, for free rom their captain. 
    "If a man gives you his best, what more can you ask him to give".
  • Coop2010Coop2010 Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
    Numbered per team
    player TRADES

  • Coop2010Coop2010 Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
    Numbered per team
    Should definitely be part of the game, and you had a well thought out plan with the trading papers and things. Many people have no use for some great players and someone else has one they won’t use or can’t afford to level then you should definitely be able to trade, this is how the real game is played and would make this game more authentic and fun. Hopefully they’ll consider doing some version of this soon.... keep tapping 😁
  • MotorCityKittyzMotorCityKittyz Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I think it is great idea. For those saying Glu would lose money I have to disagree. There's those that spend and those that don't. Period. 

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