MLB TSB 19 network error

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my MLB TSB 19 won’t work..I play the game everyday all day and love it but just yesterday when opening the game it loads to 10% and then pops up saying network error and a “try again” button pops up but it doesn’t matter how many times I try again it doesn’t connect..I’ve spent a good amount of money in-game and really wanna play without losing anything...I thought of deleting the game and redownloading it thinking that will fix it but am afraid of losing everything..if I delete and redownload will I lose all the things I’ve paid for and have to start over from scratch? And if so what’s n alternate solution cause it’s been like this for about 12 hrs or more and my friends is working fine


  • DBsDadDBsDad Registered Users, Member 27 Posts
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    Let Glu support know.  It's happening to a bunch of us.  You can uninstall and reinstall, as long as you know your user name and password, you can get back on. but we have all uninstalled and reinstalled and we still cant get to come up.
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