Favorite box of 2019

pedromartinezpedromartinez 13 PostsRegistered Users, Member
What’s your favorite box of the year to this point? I guess easy answer is the next one hahaha but I really liked the All star game themed ones. Helped I got Bregman and Xander who were my last two weak positions prior to the weekend. 

I also liked this this past weekend. Got Benny early. Thoughts?


  • DaveMustangDaveMustang 428 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Screw the last weekend. Lol. I'm one of those who can't play since the update.  

    But yeah, All Star was good. 😁
  • JadossJadoss 11 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    my favorite box has to be the one that ended up giving me someone amazing, lmao. but for real though i think my favorite has to be the all star box. ended up getting prime lemahieu, and he’s been a monster for me. hope to see legends soon
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