Hi I’m new to the game can you tell me how to find out what action I am doing

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I started a task went on a chat one. Then I. Forget what I was doing please help 


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    Hi, i[m only familiar with Kim Kardashian Hollywood, but try asking in the specific forum for your game?  Go here, and scroll to the bottom, tap on your game banner (cooking dash, baseball, Kardashian, etched that will take you to that games forum. There, you can ask questions or look around for posts with info.  But welcome to the forum. 
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  • charlie1974charlie1974 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    hi there thank you for your help I only joined today so didn’t realise I had to choose game lol. It is the kardashian Hollywood game. I was asking about thank you I will go to the correct game 
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