CAN YOU HELP ME GLU ? [Kim kardashian: Hollywood]

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• So basically all of my friends in the game have not changed their outfits/looks for a half-month. 
- I’ve aldready reseted it by close all the tabs and open the apps again also delete the app and download
- I also check the connection through facebook if I mistakenly delete any friend but everything is still fine
- I asked my best friend when we have the same friend-in-game if he/she has changed any outfits? And yes, they DID in my friend’s phone/app game, but still not me (They changed their dolls outfits but i can’t see it).
!Like this is the weirdest situation I’ve ever met!
...then nothing happen in a positive sign. I just really wanna see all of my friend’s dolls change their looks cuz I admire the beauty of thier dolls so much. I’m really upset!
Many Thanks,


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    Be sure to send in a ticket through the app and our team can look into it for you.
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