TSB 2020: Gold transaction history needed

BlueJaysBlueJays Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Hi All, i'm new to TSB 2020 .. it's my 3rd day playing this game and already really liking it.
However, I have a suggestion that is motivated by a concern I have.
I bought the stadium yesterday so at level 1 it's supposed to give me 6 gold per day.  This morning I noticed my gold total was 410.  Last night before going to bed it was 405.  I know, right?  1 gold short.  What's the world coming to?
My point is, how can I, as a fan and wanting to spend money on the game, trust the game when there seems to be accounting issues?
Just like a bank account showing the credits and debits of your bank balance, this game should have the same for all the currencies in the game (at least for Gold, preferably including Blue Dollars).  There should be a page showing all the Gold transaction history details.
Right now, the Gold total is a magic number.  Unless I am keeping close tabs on it, it could change without my awareness and understanding.  
Having a detailed and extensive Gold transaction history log will help me as a customer trust the game.  (And truth be known, the game has glitched many times already in my 3 days of playing .. crashes, buttons not responding, stadium purchase gone missing, playoff rewards not granted, etc. -- just calling this out as I am seeing it -- the instability of the game is another reason for having a Gold transaction history log)
Thanks for your time, and I really think all players of TSB would appreciate and benefit from more transparency and visibility of Gold spending in the game.

Go Jays!


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    ipadidiotipadidiot Registered Users, Member 9 Posts
    Great idea, perhaps we could get someone to write an accounting app to keep track, this would save us the expense of having ranks of Dickensian clerks furiously updating gold expenditure ledgers with their quill pens late into the night until the tallow gutters too low. Or am I being facetious?
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