KKH App Crashing

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Hi Everyone, my kim kardashian hollywood app is not working. Worked fine yesterday and now it doesnt go past the loading screen. It crashes! I reached out to Glu and they told me to be patient and wait for an update! But like Halloween is my favorite time on the app and im missing out on the events. This happened to me last year and somehow someone on the Glu side was able to help me but unfortunately no one will this time. Im just really frustrated as I pay monthly for the game and Im forced out of it. Has anyone had the same problem this week and were you able to fix it?


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    I have the same problem and when I contacted Glu they told me the same thing. This is my favourite game, I have spent a lot of money on it and I had been looking forward to the Halloween update for so long, I really hope they fix this soon!
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    I also feel the same way, my kkh app not working 😔 its been 3 days i cant play it, I really hope the glu team will fix it soon bcos i dont want to miss this week’s event
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    Hi.  You're in the main section of the forum, dealing with all the games and other info. If you'd like to join us in the KK:H forum, follow this link.  The developers  are working on the issue, and we have a specific thread for updates and info about this.  Welcome to the Forum, so sorry you are having this issues.  See you there.  We have a glitch thread in the FAQ section of our game specific forum. :)

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    Oh my god! Same here!!! It kept opening up and crashing and today it’s just not opening at all. Doesnt go past the load screen! Plz fix this bug!!!! I’m running it on iOS! Pleeeease. Already missed my 8 hour gig 😭 and the Show your style event! 😭😭😭
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    This was happening for me to! I went online and glu support said to make sure to have 2 gb free of space for the app to run good and to close all of the apps running in the background before playing. I did all that and my game has been running good ever since. 
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    I am started having a problem yesterday. I even installed it on another device to see if I was the only one having the problem. It loaded from a previously saved slot but after playing it for a little bit, it crashed the game too. I am unable to load the game as well. I even cleared the cache and restarted the smartphone. Nothing seems to be working. 
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    I am also having similar issue mycfavisit.
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