Storylines with gifts?

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What event/ storylines give gifts/ items. Some storylines end up giving hair, dresses, handhelds and other things, it would be great to have a list! I know the perfume storyline gives a perfume handheld. The royal storyline, gives a choice of discounted dresses. I can’t seem to remember any others. 
List any you can think of!
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    Uhm, at the early stages of the game there's a storyline in which Kim gives you a swimsuit and some shoes, sandals-like. Then in the Chevier storyline he gifts you a gold necklace.

    More recently Kim gifts you the cat costume but there's no storyline, it's just a gift. Same with than plain birthday dress she gifts you early on. That's all the gifts I can think of!

    Then in the Fashion Week storyline  (I think) you can complete three gigs (8-hours, 10-hours and 12-hours) and each of them will give you an outfit.

    Finally, the new Cassio storyline, the one with the dream, gives you the chance to buy an outfit. And there's a wired (to me) storyline with a lost treasure-gold monkey and after it ends you can buy it (it's a handheld). And of course, when you're getting married you unlock the wedding dresses, which you have to buy, and you get a ring (dating gives you some gifts, but that's on the lovers achievement thread). 

    That's all I can remember, hope it helps!
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