Why are all the NPC characters ugly and wearing the most random mismatched outfits?

shellebijonshellebijon Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
The NPC characters need a major update. The clothes are so so bad, facial features are a mess, and sometimes the accessories don’t even fit with the clothes. The “bodyguard” has a bracelet that’s just sitting on top of his much wider jacket sleeve. 


  • SereneSeleneSereneSelene Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I agree, it's really annoying. The worst part is if you decide to date any of them you have to spend some K-Stars and dollars to make the characters look attractive or at the very least normal. Glu should consider making outfit templates that correspond to the NPCs' professions and celebrity levels. They could even turn it into a competition where fans can submit outfits/NPCs that could be chosen for the game. I might add this idea in the suggestions megathread later.
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