diamond not getting added when I vote

amoamo Registered Users, Member 28 Posts
Has this happened to anyone else? It's happened to me at least 3 times. Maybe more.

I don't usually check when I collect money or any other goodies in any area of the game so I didn't notice at first that whenever I get a diamond or diamonds for voting in SYS I click on it but it doesn't get added to my total.

I only get diamonds very rarely anyway. I assume that's true for everyone.

I'm about to submit a ticket complaining about this so I thought I'd look in the forum to see if you'd all talked about this before. But I couldn't fund any posts about it.


  • amoamo Registered Users, Member 28 Posts

    I messaged them and they eventually gave me some diamonds. but they wouldn't answer my questions about whether it's a known issue and whether it's been fixed etc. they just said that i have to make sure there's 2gb space on my phone.

    we'll see whether or not it happens again
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