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Recently I've been thinking about Car Town, a game which I used to play on Facebook.

Nowadays, if you search for Car Town, you will only find some fake accounts, claiming that there will be a second Car Town and there are people believing it. Honestly, I was also hyped when I looked at the posts until I later realized that they're fake. Unfortunately, the truth is that Car Town was forced to shut down due to unknown reasons in the year 2014.

I still remember to this day, the fun I used to have and the feeling of satisfaction from getting a new car when completing certain tasks, which were complimented by the game's sound effects.

Whenever I think back, I'm getting sad because we're not able to play the game anymore since it's shutdown. Cie Games was the main developer until it was acquired by GLU, according to Wikipedia, which is why I'm writing this here.

I want to remind you that, even after almost 6 years of it's shutdown, Car Town still has an active community, which is, even after all those years, hopeful that Car Town will be released or remastered. If we would be able to play Car Town again, I really think that having an active player base would not be a problem with the right advertising, so that everyone gets to see it.

What I most liked about Car Town was the design of these cute little cars, the feeling of satisfaction after completing certain tasks which I also mentioned before, and the collaborations with other popular brands like the Fast and Furious collaboration. The garage was like a trophy room, but with your own collections of cars, and accessible to see for everyone, making it possible to show off your awesome cars you managed to get. The best thing is that you could customize it, making it unique and stand out from other player's garages.

I hope that I could change your mind and that you might even reconsider your thoughts about Car Town, so that the community, might one day be able to play Car Town again like we used to back in the day.


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    I would like like to see the original car town back also was definitely a blast and the way we were bake to decorate our garage and wrap out cars to be unique was something you just don’t see in today’s games along with the iconic music and fun collets they had it seemed all the time and to to mention the ability to race for pinks and the use of actual cars made the game feel real yet the artwork made it feel friendly and inviting. It was a simple game yet allowed creative and was a fun way to pass the time definitely need it back it has a big following in it’s original form at least 
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    I can wholeheartedly agree with this . I loved playing the first car town on Facebook the way you could build and customize your garage the way you wanted then could race your friends and whatnot then being able to race for pink slips against cpu’s . I would love to be able to play it again. I’ve tried multiple times since it’s closed down hoping I’d find a way to somehow but we know how that went lol 
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    please bring back the Car Town game i miss it so much. if i could play that game again i would be very happy. all my friends are always waiting for Car Town to be re-released
    please bring back the car town game i miss it so much. if i could play that game again i would be very happy. all my friends are always waiting for car town to be re-released
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    It's a position with which I can agree 100 percent. The ability to create and decorate your garage as you saw fit, to race against friends and other players, and to compete for pink slips against computer-controlled opponents made the original Car Town game on Facebook one of my favourites. Playing it again would be fantastic. Since it was shut down, I've attempted several times to find a method to do it again, but we all know how that turned out, haha.

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