Questions to Admin about update

HoldUpHoldUp New MemberRegistered Users 19 Posts
Hi admins, Francis, kuro, Glamazon,...

A few questions please:

When new vehicles? What about behemoth?
When new maps?
Why rank is stopped at 99.999 points? (Indigent, Kamal,...)

ID Indestructible: HoldUp
ID Game Center: HoldUp'
I play on Europe or USA server
I'm from Paris, France and i'm 28yo: my questions are serious!

Thanks to answer
Seee u


  • HoldUpHoldUp New Member Registered Users 19 Posts
    Hi admins,

    An other question please:
    How to post screenshots? I've an iPad ios8,
    And i would like to show different interesting things...
    I tried but i think picture are too heavy, so how to do?
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