Declaration, I'm Uncle

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OK, long time no come, what a huge event!
Indestructible is the most excellent game I ever played, I love it.

I'm Uncle from China, we have a game forum on baidu tieba.
Many epic players come from there, Ken, Ege, Giovanni8, Ttoini, L24 etc., we know each other, they retired. I am just a fish, stay foolish, stay hungry, so I never say something like “I'm the best”.
I am going to retire too, because I got a new phone, there is something wrong with my old "Uncle" phone.
Additionally, my non-jailbroken screen recording app will be expired in May, so I can't record videos without jailbreak any longer. No recording, no fun. Before my retire, I have something to declare.

Section 1
First, I know some players call me “hacker/cheater”, if somebody doubts that, just check 2 videos out.
Proofs speak louder than words!
The only exceptional thing is my gold, I use the challenge bug to earn gold, and most of the players know that, so we have top components, it's widely known by the people, free gold for all players, fair enough, that's not players' fault, that's glu's fault.
My iPhone is not jailbroken yet, can somebody tell me how to hack/cheat without jailbreak please?
I recorded video at Jan 24/2017, I showed it in my video. Can somebody tell me is there anything wrong with my account?
Call me cheater? Fine, you doubt, you prove. No proof, no maunder.
There are hundreds of videos in my youtube channel, you can check out I cheat or not clearly. If there's something wrong, tell me please.

Section 2
I hate these conducts.
1. Win by killing the weak/noob mate of enemy always.
2. Quitters, quit at the losing point in fair battles without network problem.
3. Hit and run all the time. Except this condition.
Here's a question, if you load laser or tornado, enemy loads missile. Then shoot each other at the same time without moving or dodging, who will win? Missile wins definitely, only idiot oppose enemy without dodging. Dodge is OK, but do not flee all the time.
4. Provokers, dirty trick players
I would suicide while being their mate.

Runner and quitter

My principle (except for my list).
1. No killing weak/noob mate of enemy
2. No killing respawning enemies (unless all noobs)
3. Don't quit at the losing point in a fair battle (my list can quit, so can I)
4. No cheat (except daily challenge bug)
5. You respect me, I respect you

Here's my list
OxxO, gogo, BigPoppa, SLAUGHTER, iYOoOYi, spark, HongNhi, Nayef, GAMENESS, Elite(VAV), Jahujimo, Schwargene, S1lver, ClashClans, Demonit, Hahahah, Zionator29, Turkeeyyy
Honest players know what's this list, they are the "BEST players" I ever seen.
You can check my videos out why they are the "BEST players". I failed to bait them out, I don't think the guys reply my thread in the forum are themselves. Somebody masquerades them.

Here are the players I respect, including the epic players I mentioned above, I would like to play with them.
007Crad, Ari, Bigjpe, Killer, GodFather, Fou, Mule, Drep, JohnCena, Siciliano

Section 3
About AMGson****, I knew him in game, he agreed with my principle, we keep in touch. He showed me how to cheat. But my phone is not jailbroken yet. I suggested him to record videos. And I got GT3 did like Mugen did some years ago from his videos and baidu tieba, and told AMGson***.
Though he's a cheater, but I think he's right, somebody has to bring cheaters to justice.
Perhaps I will jailbreak to cheat in some day until game repaired.

Section 4
About Mugen, AMG, GT3, there is no doubt he is cheater, now we check this out.
Look at his speed, look at his shooting rate. Jetson93 cheated and killed him. But Jetson93 didn't kill me, :)
I don't know Jetson93 cheats or not in normal times, I think he's normal, he's good, but do not quit please:)
Look at his speed, can a shooter flied like that?

Somebody likes to pretend he is not a cheater, humorous.


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    I am out! They had time to delete my thread, but they have no time to check and fix the game. I do not care will they fix the game now:mad:
    just play in my own way
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