Finally, I got the reason why somebody bashed me

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The guys who bashed me, actually I don't like to argue with them, But I review old videos, I found something. Sie, mfsHs, DISTROYER. OK, let's check this out.

There was no doubt mfsHs was cheater, and how dare you such a cheater bash me huh? You are just the cheater like AMG, kill normal players with cheatting for fun, is that funny?
I saw many kinds of cheaters, but they retired, like Syou, Sirk, FengShenX etc., they were tired of cheatting and give up the game, but cheaters like you just enjoy killing the normal players over again and again, years by years, bah!

About Sie, I can't argue with you who is better, cause we don't have complete battles, but you should be appreciative of that you encountered me rarely. Why? go check my videos. You are lucky.

About DISTROYER, I thought you were normal player, but I was wrong, and I get the reason why you guys united to bash me together.

Because F***AMG, AMGson*****, these cheater hunters hunted the bad guys like AMG, mfsHs. This made you cheaters annoyed.
Now check these videos out.
F***AMG just kill the cheaters, but not the normal players like me. But somebody said I were F***AMG, ****AMG.
Ahhh, video from AMGS*****, I were F***AMG, ****AMG.i_f25.png?t=20140803
So, how many hands could I have?i_f25.png?t=20140803

Now, DISTROYER, there is something wrong with you. I doubt, so I prove.
Your armor is weird, compare to Giovanni8, he is my friend, he loaded high-temp laser, I got double damage and I could kill each other in 7-8 sec, his shooter armor was 3100.
Well let's look at yours, the max armor of laser demolisher is 3800, right? I got double damage too, 5 sec. So I could deal you 2500 damage at least.
Of course I know "armor syphon" would help you repair armor, but there was no sign that "armor syphon" was triggered. The sign is green light under the vehicle, but there was no green light under the vehicle.
You triggered the "Bounce back" once, the sign is green light cover the vehicle, that wouldn't help you a lot.
I hurted you for 7-8 sec, but your armor 2/3 left. 2500 = 1/3, your armor was 7500 at least, maybe more. Is that clear? So, you owe me an explain, or you are cheater. I doubt, I prove.
The video of Giovanni8 and me.


Finally, the reason is they might be cheaters and united to bash me, good job, cheaters
And welcome to prove I am cheater, you guysi_f25.png?t=20140803

About the "best players" in my list, I don't care what they talk about me, hunt them was my fun, and I did iti_f25.png?t=20140803
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