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PatyPaty Registered Users 195 Posts
Hey guys! I´m not playing K&K yet, since I´m on Android platform, but I´d love to see what you all are wearing :cool: so feel free to post your daily fashion looks here!


  • trevoractortrevoractor Registered Users 1,114 Posts
    Here are my favorite outfits that i own so far.

    There are tonnnns of more clothes I hope to own soon tho.
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  • Kupkakez_Kupkakez_ Registered Users 310 Posts
    I have to say I'm liking these clothes more than those in KKH.
  • QueenCookieQueenCookie Registered Users 356 Posts
    These are just some of the many other outfits I love.
    Kim can take some tips for her game from Kendall and Kylie.
  • trevoractortrevoractor Registered Users 1,114 Posts
    I liveeeee for this hair color but I can't decide which color I like more.
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  • PatyPaty Registered Users 195 Posts
    QueenCookie - Kylie´s golden dress from ESPY is gorgeous, I love it! :cool:
    Trevor - I love the platinum hair too! Your doll looks fierce :o

    I think K&K clothes are much more edgier and funny than in KKH. Can´t wait to play this game ;)
  • isabeauisabeau Registered Users 1,967 Posts
    Kupkakez_ wrote: »
    I have to say I'm liking these clothes more than those in KKH.

    I've been looking at the K&K illustrations since last week. I'm not digging the weird proportions of the characters, I think Kylie doesn't really look like Kylie, but maybe the intent here is to be somewhat cartoonish, while KKH is sophistication. There's a wide Kardashian-Jenner age difference, and each game will draw its own share of fans as well as plenty of crossovers, I'm sure. I love seeing everything available so far, tho, and I will definitely be in the game. At least to try it out if nothing else. I mean, I'm not a kid--I don't know, ages 15+ maybe? So I don't know how long it'll keep my interest. I blow upwards of 100 bucks a month on KKH, gotta protect my investment!:p<3
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