Game Officially Gone?!1?!

Ladouce FemmeLadouce Femme Registered Users 549 Posts
The other day I went ahead and re installed my game because it kept crashing. This was a common problem and I would usually just use the saved data option but this time it keeps on giving me the "no data was tied with either my fb or gamecenter" I am really frustrated because just the thought of re starting the game since I am so far into it and missing this weekends event! I even asked my friends if they can still see my KKG and interact with it and it's still there so please I know there is still some hope I can recover my game!




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    Carol DavidaCarol Davida Registered Users 6,145 Posts
    I'm an android user and my game is consistently crashing also. I'm afraid to delete the game and to reinstall it again from my device because I think that my game could end up being lost. I'm just gonna wait patiently for the next update until Glu resolves the glitch issues instead.
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    valkiryevalkirye Registered Users 14 Posts
    I got the same problem but it works after i reinstall again
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    Ladouce FemmeLadouce Femme Registered Users 549 Posts
    Hey guys I'll keep updated... So far it has been 4 days since I last sent my ticket for help and it looks like they're not even trying but I know they are. I'm really hoping that they can help me retrieve my game back and I did try re installing but there is no hope for me :(
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    BobbieMBobbieM Registered Users 789 Posts
    Sounds like a lot of bugs. They may have over hyped this and people freaked so they pushed it out too soon. So sad. I don't play it. While the clothing is cuter, I can't keep up with my 2 KKH games AND KKJ. I hope they can resolve this for you! Have you contacted Glu?
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    ZoyechkaZoyechka Registered Users 1,187 Posts
    Op, listen, as someone said on a thread, don't reinstall. I've done it and it's a complete nightmare. Yeah, I did finally get my game back after 9 freaking hours of relaunching the dang thing. Nine hours, imagine.

    Its there but you just have to be persistent. Forget about writing Glu an in game ticket because the outsourced help they hire gives out a copy and paste answer that really doesn't answer anything.

    for instance, I told them I reinstalled and my game wasn't saved. The outsourced guy from India wrote back saying that I need to reinstall and click on saved game. He finished with a thank you, come again. W.T.F????

    seriously, they really need to hire better customer service than this. I mean it's an outrage. They make billions of dollars from gamers and Kardashian fans alike. It's crazy.

    Im waiting for the update. I hope they do it real soon because the freezing, force close, crashing BS is driving me insane.
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