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I'm so near to completing this weekday event but now my game has seemingly frozen. It's stuck on this and I can't click ok

I need help ASAP. I've restarted my phone and done everything I can.

iPhone 6
iOS 9.3.0
Level 19
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    trevoractortrevoractor Registered Users 1,114 Posts
    Ok I finally got back in! The problem was there was an active speech bubble BEHIND the popup thing. And when there are speechbubbles the game forces you to finish the conversation before you can do anything else.

    So the way I got back in was by clicking all over my screen for like 5 minutes (completely blind of what I was clicking on) and then I eventually went through the entire conversation. It finally let me back in.

    Im having to spend K-Gems on energy tho just to complete the event but whatever.
    A+++ Lister // GameCenter: TrevorActor :cool:
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