Are you active and looking for a krew?

zoeandolivezoeandolive Registered Users 9 Posts
If you send Kred back and attend parties join Active Daily! and I'll add you to the krew. If we appear full respond here with what level you are and such and you'll be added when space becomes available.
P.S. The leader is Aria and the name includes the exclamation point.


  • Mvancom05Mvancom05 Registered Users 4 Posts
    I just sent a request. I'm Monique and I'm on lvl 27
  • KL7991KL7991 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hey my dolls name is Raquel, im daily active and im looking for an active krew :) i have 124 mil followers
  • zoeandolivezoeandolive Registered Users 9 Posts
    Hey Monique and Raquel 😊 if you both want to ask to join the krew I'll accept you. I haven't seen a request from either if you yet.
  • AmmilienAmmilien Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hi I'm Ammy level 24 and I'm daily player ��
  • zoeandolivezoeandolive Registered Users 9 Posts
    HI Ammy 😊 Go ahead and ask to join and you'll be added!
  • BlacChynaBlacChyna Registered Users 43 Posts
    Are you guys still asking for people or is it full now???
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  • Arianna517Arianna517 Registered Users 25 Posts
    I am looking for an active Krew. I play and send kred multiple times daily and participate in parties 100%. I was level 24 and my game glitched my gift box button dissapeared so I had to start over. I am almost level 10 in 1 day. Game name is Arianna, there are more than one so I will keep checking here the next few hours for a response.
  • Arianna517Arianna517 Registered Users 25 Posts
    I sent a request. Daily player who sends lots of kred and attends parties.
  • KueenKhloé1719KueenKhloé1719 Registered Users 111 Posts
    Hi, I'm level 7 was a lvl 23 but my gift box button was missing I play daily is there still a chance I can join? My dolls name is Brie
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    Doll: Brie
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    lvl: 8
    Krew: Active and ready to join (looking)

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  • zoeandolivezoeandolive Registered Users 9 Posts
    The krew is full now, when there is an opening I'll reply here to let anybody who is interested know.
  • GigifreakeGigifreake Registered Users 13 Posts
    If anyone else is looking for an active krew and is level 15 or higher please join "Allwedoiswin"! We have won every krew party and are always online. Anyone who is inactive for 3 days without reason is booted. :)
  • Arianna517Arianna517 Registered Users 25 Posts
    Hey. This is Arianna from Active Daily. I passed level 250 on the most followed and as soon as I collected on it once again my giftbox was gone and I was kicked from the krew. I have sent a screen shot to glu and told them once again what has happened. This is the 3rd time. I only play on one device last time glu said play on ne device. I have always plaayed on one device. It also seems to happen right after I buy gems also. Please let everyone know i did not leave and i am trying to fix this problem .
  • SassyCissieSassyCissie Registered Users 47 Posts
    Hey guys I created a new krew and I play daily and always give kreds !


    Thank you ! ;)
  • Rhiannon517Rhiannon517 Registered Users 19 Posts
    Hey its Arianna. Again game glitched as I collected for passing 125. Sent screen shots to Glu . This is getting old.
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