in-game issues still left unresolved?

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I'm usually a patient person and rarely complain about this game, but then again my voice needs to be heard.

I cannot for the life of me play my games for the weekend events since my games still has unresolved in-game issues that needs to be fixed.

On one game I'm experiencing an Android lagging freezing crashing/force closing issue. On my second game, I can't participate for the weekend events since my game has been wrongfully flagged. (I'm trying to figure out if it was accidentally/intentionally/mistakenly.):confused: I'm absolutely frustrated with my in-game issues because it's making it less enjoyable and now I'm feeling like I don't even wanna play.

On top of that, glu customer's care is the absolute worst. I've contacted them about my impossibly crashed game and that person couldn't resolve my **** in-game issue. I've contacted them from my second game and someone still hasn't replied to me as of yet. I'm kinda afraid of what that person will tell me though about my flagged game:(.

If I had to rate glu customer's support on a scale from 1-10, I'll have to rate it a 1. The main reason is because of their delayed poor lacked assistance and then again their generic copy & paste responses.

I'm sorry if I'm starting to sound like a Debbie downer, but I'm just an unhappy dissatisfied K&K player.
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    Katie_ykKatie_yk Registered Users 39 Posts
    I was wondering where you'd been! I'm sorry you've had so many glitches.. I've gotten the same copy paste responses:(
    I've ended up deciding to just not put any money into this game since the support doesn't warrant my hard earned money, which is a shame because I'll always happily pay for something as long as the product is good.
    I hope you're able to resolve the issue quickly and come back.
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    astrayastray Registered Users 1,538 Posts
    I can't play either it keeps going back to the create a new character and if i have to restart i will not be playing this game any more spent too much time playing events to get the stuff to get where i am not going through it again only to keep having this game glitch constantly :,)
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