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I lost my game after many months of playing lol, it went slowly, my game would jump back to random other points in me playing, then I was kicked from my krew, then lost my giftboxes. I don’t and have never used a hack and I’m extremely frustrated


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    I'm sorry this happened. I'd be out of mind if it happened to me, but the best advice I can offer, submit a ticket to Support from ingame messaging.
    (lll/help/glu support) Tell them what happened and see what they say. If you have to restart, but you've made purchases through itunes or Google Play, those purchases may be restored with Customer Care's assistance, so include any receipts for those purhases.

    I hope they can help you, I'm really sorry this happened. (I'd say welcome to the forum right now, but I don't want you to think I'm callous. Fingers crossed for you)
    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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    My whole game is gone  I was at level 19 just was about to finish fashion contest who's better fashion designer ellenor or Angelo Kendall and I were modeling for Angelo to win best fashion designer and to become top model against Emily and Ms a. Madison w.e her name is but I had 1 star to finish filling in and my game just stopped restarted back to loading game and now I'm in very beginning of game. The game also won't let me login to FB idky it won't but I am login to my Google play I think the 1 I'm talking about is also for Xbox games login how can all this get fixed asap
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