11/23/2017 - K&K Weekend event & Happy Thanksgiving!!



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    KaeHoldUpKaeHoldUp Registered Users 45 Posts
    Vats said: @SelenaHudson I think that they aren't bringing party events anymore, because tons of players won't have the opportunity to finish those, once their krews aren't active these days. It's a smart move TBH, this prevents that more people drop out the game.
    Even if the Krew is active, Party events were actually stressful. It’s not like you all have fun trying to get points, you’re all just stressing out about how only 3-4 people could join the party and the constant glitching. It really needed to be fixed. It stopped being fun. It’d be better if it was back to the point system but not a competition against other Krews. 
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