12/07/2017 - K&K weekend event

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Good morning my forum friends!

Yes, December has finally arrived! My favorite month of the whole year!
Time to decorate your tree, your house and drink hot beverages because it is too cold outside!!
And ofcrouse celebrating Christmas in K&K-land!!

So what are your hope and thoughts for this weekend event?
Glu has been spoiling us with all the gorgeous outfits and
long hairstyles lately, so I'm hoping for some festive outfits this time!!
And I have just one K&K Christmas wish:
that we one day will get new items added to the selection of Throwback items
I mean I'm still crying over those antlers missed last year...

But first things first, this week's event!
I'm stoked, how about you???
Ok, then, let's pop that balloon and open this thread!!

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  • Christine_PatandiananChristine_Patandianan Registered Users 27 Posts
    Nice opening as usual, @LindaVB. I'm glad can active in this forum again. Yanno I'm busy cuz of school. But now I've passed the final exam of semester 1, so I'll be active again. 
    New Throwback items is a great idea @LindaVB. Whatever the event I'll always be ready. 

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    I hope it's another long hair, or a hair with a santa hat
  • SelenaHudsonSelenaHudson Registered Users 92 Posts
    What a nice opening @LindaVB ! I don't know what the event is , but I'm excited to see it! 
  • VonniePoooh21VonniePoooh21 Registered Users 55 Posts
    I'm excited for this weekend event!! I hope its Christmas related.
  • KalindaKingKalindaKing Moderators 5,602 Posts
    Here's what you guys can earn. Have a great weekend!

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  • Chelsea.Chelsea. Registered Users 526 Posts
    Oh dear...these past 2 weekend events have been great with good earnables and now we get this. :|
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  • VonniePoooh21VonniePoooh21 Registered Users 55 Posts
    Thanks for the spoilers Kalinda! Hmmmm... Tbh I'm not really feeling that outfit but the hairstyle is really cute but Idk if I'm going the get that outfit tho. I'm kinda disappointed.
  • LindaVBLindaVB Registered Users 7,297 Posts
    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh look at those items!!!! Love love loooooove the items!! Thank you @KalindaKing !!
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  • Silz1217Silz1217 Registered Users 731 Posts
    Omg i need the hair I wish that was a top and not a dress but it will have to do .. thanks for the spoilers @KalindaKing

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  • Gigi $tylesGigi $tyles Registered Users 141 Posts
    Wonderful! But...not worth 4k gems when its Christmas time and Ive already spent tons of $$ on gifts. :D<3 Unfortunately I'll have to pass on this one but thanks @KalindaKing and @LindaVB alway much appreciated. <3o:)
  • OyaOya Registered Users 12 Posts
    The hair is okay, but the dress can be very high fashion if you match it with the right accessories and hair . I agree with my girl Gigi , not really that much worth spending $$ on 
  • unique123unique123 Registered Users 291 Posts
    I love the items !! ?? gold is right up my alley. Super star events are so spendy though ☹I haven't been playing for a couple months so I'm not sure if we've had any updates recently but I'm not wanting to spend money on this game currently without much having changed since I've been MIA. And now with most of KKG items being transferred into KKH it makes me wonder ?

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  • Gigi $tylesGigi $tyles Registered Users 141 Posts
    I do really love the dress though!
  • astrayastray Registered Users 1,538 Posts
    I like it but it's not worth spending real money on just to get it.

    Thanks for the spoilers Kalinda
  • ladykrystalladykrystal Registered Users 498 Posts
    Omg. At first glance it looks incredible but I need to see it on my doll to decide whether I love or hate it. 
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  • ClaudineClaudine Registered Users 6 Posts
    Does anyone know why there are never any party events anymore? The superstar events are fine but omg, who has that kind of money to spend all the time for 4K gems!!!!
  • Christine_PatandiananChristine_Patandianan Registered Users 27 Posts
    I don't wanna spend my gems for the outfit. Anyway thanks for the spoilers @KalindaKing.
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  • VatsVats Registered Users 4,773 Posts
    I don't like the dress at all. The hair is cute, though makes me feel like:

    Get out of my face!
    Viva La Vida Á La Vats!
  • astrayastray Registered Users 1,538 Posts
    There aren't any party events because a lot of people had issues with throwing them they glitch too much and a lot of people arent playing this game any more so it'd probably be impossible to complete if there aren't any krew members to help with them @Claudine
  • ClaudineClaudine Registered Users 6 Posts
    edited December 2017
    Are they ever going to fix the glitches and update the game so more people keep playing it? @astray
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