Extremely Active krew has openings.

Arianna517Arianna517 Registered Users 25 Posts
I have 3 openings. We throw parties when it isnt a weekend event daily. Most are in the evenings.Also gems are purchased so more gift boxes. You must send kred daily and as much as you can when online. Please make sure you can play daily. Krew , Family Divas , Arianna leader. Send me a request ingame. Thanks


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    titika82titika82 Registered Users 47 Posts
    Hi:) is it still availiable? I m very active playing daily:) i m in a group now bt they arent active soi l d like to change. I m level 21 stopped playing cause game had a ploblem and i lost progress and clothes but its ok now:) thank uxx
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    Baddie32Baddie32 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    edited February 2018
    Hello, if a spot is still available I'd love to join. I'm active all the time since I'm so obsessed with this game. I participate in all weekend events and I love chatting with my krew members. My username is dinasaeb if you'd like to add me.
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