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This may be a weird question. Does the K&K storyline take place in the same universe/world as KKH, b/c I heard Chad Dylan's name mentioned a few times in the K&K game. And the beginning when Audrey asked if I knew who she was one opinion said 'Willow Pape?" and Audrey didn't know who Willow was. Does this mean that Willow lost her fame and became irrelevant after KKH or does the K&K storyline take place before Willow got famous?
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    i think Aubrey was throwing shade.
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    I think based on the names, it's probably the same universe. But because there's a (slightly) different type of fanbase for Kim and for K&K, it doesn't really overlap much, you know? Aubrey's probs just too self-centered to care about anyone famous but her.
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