Event Points Issue Will Be Resolved Soon

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We have noticed that there is a discrepancy between the number of events points shown as having been won vs. the number of event points actually received.

Rest assured that the number of points received is actually correct -- it is the number shown in the pop-up that is actually incorrectly calculated.

Our team will ensure that this is fixed in the next version of the game.
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  • Anastasia MarieAnastasia Marie Registered Users 3 Posts
    My krew tab and gift box options are gone. Please help me asap.
  • shairnahshairnah Registered Users 28 Posts
    My krew tab and gift box options are gone. Please help me asap.

    I also have this problem. I was kicked out of my krew (which I created) at the same time as the krew tab and gift box tab disappeared.

    I'm so angry, 'cause I finally had good krew members that were active and sent krew kred!! GRR!

    I play K&K
    Game Center ID: Shairnah
    I contribute to the Kendall and Kylie game Wikia.
    We need more contributers to this wiki! Please help!
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