Hair colors and Boys outfits

BlueTriggerBlueTrigger Registered Users 16 Posts
So recently some of my Krew members were discussing the lack of male options. During a party event it is very easy for a female to buy a dress for $100 and move on to the next party; however, men have to purchase pants and a shirt to change into. It's costly and pretty unfair. I'm not sure what the solution is, but maybe some full outfits available for purchase in the tops section? So no separates?

Also. I would love to see some RED hair and some Green hair!


  • AngelaLaurenAngelaLauren Registered Users 714 Posts
    I agree with having more selections for the guys. I remember everything being expensive when I was playing my guys account, and you have to buy tops and bottoms for them. I think full outfits would be a great idea, and for cheap too. :)
  • AngelineJAngelineJ Registered Users 1,511 Posts
    I agree with this. Male dolls barely have cheap Kash items to purchase. Only about 10 pairs of pants/shorts that can be purchased under "$5000" Kash. Glu, please add more $100 Kash pants/shorts for male dolls. I can't go to parties without wearing pants!! :p Please~
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  • KieranKieran Registered Users 52 Posts
    I agree, although the offers help sometimes with earning K Gems for the outfits. :) Maybe the $50 shirts could just have more colour options added perhaps? Like a black option, purple option and so forth.
    Major? *nods head* major ...
  • MussMuss Registered Users 21 Posts
    It just make me wanna stop playing to be honest. Im the only guy in my krew, we are all active but i never have enough outfits for krewgoals because boys have to buy both shirts and pants. And I never have enough pants to join parties. And some of our clothes are so ridiculous, they have a stupid red boxer that cost so many kgems, it's so stupid, why making this useless short so expensive. Glu need to get it together.
  • BlueTriggerBlueTrigger Registered Users 16 Posts
    I totally understand. Guys drew the shirt stick! It's party weekend and Lukas in our Krew has no pants. He even bought gems to buy pants but he could only get 2 of the cheapest pair. The cheapest men's pant is $5k and then $8k and $25k ***! That's the price of a house!!!
  • BlueTriggerBlueTrigger Registered Users 16 Posts
    No doesn't work
  • MussMuss Registered Users 21 Posts
    True, where its definitely not logic, but i feel like they are doing this to make people spend more money on the game.
    Bc during Kendalls birthday, they put an ugly outfit to win and hid the nice outfit in the 3 random boxes, and these boxes cost 80kgems, and many of us were tempted to buy kgems just to get the outfits.
    In that case, just make it a paid app.
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