krew icon and boxes button missing

bubafanybubafany Registered Users 9 Posts
Hello! Yesterday i was banned from my krew and my chat button and my gift button is now missing. I talked to my lider, she tried to send me another invite and i couldn't accept it. I think you guys banned me and i want to know why. I a:mad::mad:lready lost three games because of you guys, i'm starting a new one and with less than a week you guys do this. I DO NOT accept losing another game. I spent money in this game so i demand that you repare this. This is very disrespectful. You guys are punishing people for nothing. I NEVER used hack and if you check my id you guys will see it, so i won't accept this justification.

Yes, my game is updated to the last version.

Here as some printscreens that prove what happened to me



  • bubafanybubafany Registered Users 9 Posts
    Please, help me! I dont wanna lose the next event
  • bubafanybubafany Registered Users 9 Posts
    Problem solved by Kalinda. Thank you so much!
  • ElissaElissa Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 7 Posts
    I have the same problem i really need someone resolve it :(
  • candiraynecandirayne Registered Users 8 Posts
    bubafany wrote: »
    Problem solved by Kalinda. Thank you so much!

    i was in contact with kalinda as well but unfortunately to no avale the problem STILL exists...what did you need to do to resolve it? let us know pls!:)
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