TB Kendall's Birthday Items

queenn.daniqueenn.dani Experienced MemberRegistered Users 347 Posts
So I know that Kylie's Birthday items are in the TB boxes and I have 2 items from her birthday but I haven't seen any of Kendall's. Is it because I don't really have any TB items so I'm having to collect them all or?


  • Stefan001Stefan001 Experienced Member Registered Users 453 Posts
    Hey Dani
    Glu still hasn't added some items from past events, Kendall's birthday items included unfortunately.

    All we can do is hope they add more stuff in TB boxes when an update comes.
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  • queenn.daniqueenn.dani Experienced Member Registered Users 347 Posts
    Dang, I was looking forward to getting Kendall's items :(

    And, hopefully we get an update
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