KKH Game Center changed with iOS v10 - now add in FB



  • KillerQueenKillerQueen Registered Users 3 Posts
    Anybody recently playing?
  • emmiiemcemmiiemc Registered Users 1 Posts
    i do add me emmiiemc
  • NadiyajaanNadiyajaan Registered Users 2 Posts
    ADD me Nadiyajaan im New
  • RaphaRapha Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hey add me: Rafafonte
  • RaphaRapha Registered Users 3 Posts
    Add me for KK game, use this:
  • RaphaRapha Registered Users 3 Posts
    Add me in Game Center!
    Thanks guys!
  • Kegzy99Kegzy99 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Can people add me please on game centre I'm Kegzy99
  • vanessametiviervanessametivier Registered Users 8 Posts
    Add me : vanessametivier
  • NicolemaeNicolemae Registered Users 1 Posts
    Game centre Nicolemae83

    Please add me, I have like no friends 😢
  • Geniegenie2Geniegenie2 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Game Center geniegenie2
  • marie7788marie7788 Registered Users 5 Posts
    I'm an A+ level 27, add me if you wish :D
    Game centre: 78~Marie~78
    Add me on game centre! 78~Marie~78 😄
  • RoamingbadgerRoamingbadger Registered Users 5 Posts
    Add me Roamingbadger
  • ValGalValGal Registered Users 3 Posts
    I just added you Karen. I appreciate having a new contact for the game. Have a great day. Valerie
  • Freyja.SFreyja.S Registered Users 4 Posts
    Just the regular pop-in to say feel free to add! GC: Freyja.S
    Look forward to seeing new people in game, and will gift/return gifts when I'm able. :^)
    "Take this time to breathe the air, i thank you for even waking up today because life isn't the easiest Your doing a good job love u" - Lil B (@lilbthebasedgod) --- Add me on GC: Freyja.S
  • LokiloveLokilove Registered Users 15 Posts
    My Game Center ID is misspringstive add me i can sent you gifts just tell me what you want
  • Ze VelociraptorZe Velociraptor Registered Users 1 Posts
    My Game Center id is Ze Velociraptor and I'll send gifts if you want, 218 million fans
  • Diamond Di AvanzoDiamond Di Avanzo Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 42 Posts
    Hey Dolls! Everyone is welcome on adding me up I'm on level 28 and A+ lister (hot guys also welcome lol)
  • s_lashers_lasher Registered Users 2 Posts
    Add me on GC
    Username: s_lasher
  • SemiautomaticSemiautomatic Registered Users 1 Posts
    Add me on Game Center ~
    ID: EvilFriends
  • NectarNectar Registered Users 1 Posts
    Game Center: Nectar Barhanin
    Add me (:
  • Jaibeans0518Jaibeans0518 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Looking for actual players. I play dang near everyday! Lol
    GC: jaibeans0518
  • LeyshlaGiselLeyshlaGisel Registered Users 1,328 Posts
    Moar friends, I need that! :D

    GC: MamaFapxo
    :cool: :cool:
    "Norman Reedus once called me Sweetheart." :o
  • Ruby_LeeRuby_Lee Registered Users 1 Posts
    Add me on Game Center  mami_lee
  • MelissaFullerMelissaFuller Registered Users 6 Posts
    Add me, guys! GC acc: sowestcoast
  • NellyKicksAssNellyKicksAss Registered Users 12 Posts
    Hi all! Just started playing this game and I love it! Please add me, my username is NellyKicksAss. :)
  • QueenBeyonceQueenBeyonce Registered Users 3 Posts
    Add me on gamecenter and i'll give you all the gives you like : Esrellamarina_
  • amymmkayamymmkay Registered Users 24 Posts
    Add me on gamecenter and i'll give you all the gives you like : Esrellamarina_

    Hi QueenBey! I added you on GC my ID- amymmkay
    I'd love anything you- or anyone else can give.
    I'm D list but don't have the greatest bank or Kstars but I definitely return all favors when I can! <3

    Anyone who needs friends please add me!
  • mindybunnymindybunny Registered Users 159 Posts
    I need more friends so I can see you in the game and get exp. Getting to level 32 is going to take forever! :D

    GC: redsoxxygal
    GC: redsoxxygal
  • AnnerdnaAnnerdna Registered Users 3 Posts
    I need professional contacts! I've added a ton of celeb friends but they all turn into romantic interests from me gifting so much! I will still gift, but in moderation rather than all at once.

    GameCenter: Annerdna
  • BMAnovicBMAnovic Registered Users 4 Posts
    Gc name BMAnovic
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