KKH Game Center changed with iOS v10 - now add in FB



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    EmmKidEmmKid Registered Users 1 Posts
    Add Me: EmmKid! :) I want free stuff, I am new, I will get money soon and repay everyone :) I just really want to meet people! :)
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    muntzie89muntzie89 Registered Users 8 Posts
    My GC id is muntzie89 and if anyone is willing to gift me the 120 Kstar black and white butterfly-ish dress, I would be very grateful! :):)
    GC: muntzie89
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    kerryyyhopeeekerryyyhopeee Registered Users 5 Posts
    I'm on my Macbook, so my GC user is still crouchk1994 c:
    facebook: http://facebook.com/crouchk.1994
    game center: crouchk1994
    twitter/instagram: @kerryyyhopeee
    google+: sandlot2fan@yahoo.com
    ~keep a song in your heart <3 lawrence welk~
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    MycalaReneMycalaRene Registered Users 12 Posts
    Add me on the Game Center! In need of gifts Please! @MycalaRene
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    Angie7680Angie7680 Registered Users 178 Posts
    Add me:D Angie7680
    Gifts are appreciated❤️
    I’m just here to steal your outfits and your wine

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    DazedmoonDazedmoon Registered Users 28 Posts
    Add me! 🌙 my GC is dazedmoon.
    GC: dazedmoon
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    MichelleAlyssaMichelleAlyssa Registered Users 14 Posts
    Add me :) xoMichelleAlyssaxo
    In-game name: Aryanneh

    I love surprising my friends with gifts :)
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    DanirxchDanirxch Registered Users 2 Posts
    Add me my GC is: Lovelysinn
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    foxxyredfoxxyred Registered Users 1 Posts
    Add me! ;) my GC is Foxxyred275
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    LyssaDeAnnLyssaDeAnn Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hey, guys! Add me on Gamecenter: LyssaDeAnn_
    I love gifts but I also love gifting back. Looking for more guys, but girls are always welcome too!
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    Roan1981Roan1981 Registered Users 6 Posts
    I'm new to the game so pls add me! GameCenter: roan1981
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    forgottenrobotforgottenrobot Registered Users 1 Posts
    I've only recently started playing the game again so I would love friends! Forgotten_robot
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    KillavixenKillavixen Registered Users 1 Posts
    Add me please! I play daily
    Game Center - xoxovixenxoxo
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    SJ_RSJ_R Registered Users 80 Posts
    I'm JadeCrown
    My Game Center name is Jade Crown, and my KKH doll is Sanyu. Will happily gift any new friends; just message me to ask!
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    Timp__Timp__ Registered Users 10 Posts
    Add me on GC: Timp__
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    Katea22Katea22 Registered Users 2 Posts
    I have started a new game on a new game center so please add kateaindow22
    would really appreciate anyone who can gift too! Thanks! :)
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    Mery ThomasMery Thomas Registered Users 2 Posts
    Please add me. Mery Thomas. Thanks
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    anita390anita390 Registered Users 3 Posts
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    jadethecatjadethecat Registered Users 4 Posts
    please add! i used to have this app but had to delete for phone space and now have to restart :(

    jadethecat! (including the !)
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    ddtheprincessddtheprincess Registered Users 9 Posts
    ADD ME! GC: d4yday 82
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    PhoebecallistaPhoebecallista Registered Users 1 Posts
    Add me for gifts ^^ Phoebecallista
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    CherryB82CherryB82 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hey everyone, add me, Game Center Chaka_82
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    ZoyechkaZoyechka Registered Users 1,187 Posts
    Hello! I love KKH! Please add me. My Game Center ID is: Zoë Strange
    GC: Zoë Strange
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    kcozzakcozza Registered Users 4 Posts
    Hey, add me! GC:KImCozza
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    MilicaBMilicaB Registered Users 21 Posts
    Thank you my friends for so many gifts :*
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    alyssamichelle719alyssamichelle719 Registered Users 16 Posts
    hi! i love KKH add me alyssamichelle719 i'm level 25 in the game!
    Game Center: alyssamichelle719
    KKH Level: 25 on the A List
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    alyssamichelle719alyssamichelle719 Registered Users 16 Posts
    btw if you add me and gift me i will gift you back i'm low on money at the moment!
    Game Center: alyssamichelle719
    KKH Level: 25 on the A List
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    ivanees_ivanees_ Registered Users 1 Posts
    i don't know if she can see this, but! skariness i love you... i think my game crashed a little because you sent me so many gifts. I'm really thankful, you're the best!!

    PS. my GC is ivanees
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    Megz590Megz590 Registered Users 8 Posts
    I'm absolutely in love with this game after the new update. The babies are adorable. I was up to level 30 before I got a new phone. Now i'm slowly crawling back. Currently at Level 14.

    Please add me :) GC: Megz590
    GC: Megz590
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    Honesty4realHonesty4real Registered Users 10 Posts
    Please Add Honesty4real 🙋🙌🙅🙆🙇🙏🙋🙌🙋 Starting over and I need friends😳😦😢😭😭😭😭😭I play everyday 😊😊😊💋💋💋🙋
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