Is there a way to quit a gig?

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I made the mistake of doing the 24 hour photoshoot and agreeing to do a fashion show where I have to practice walking down runways beforehand at the same time. I'll be done with the photoshoot about 10 seconds before the fashion show which I need to train for. It's taking so long to get stars I don't think i get out early, is there anything I can do?


  • MeghindoMeghindo New Member Registered Users 4 Posts
    Dont worry! Just because you'll be done seconds prior to the fashion show, it doesn't mean that you can't take the time to click the tappables and get you at least 4 energy in case you'll need to talk to someone kim introduces before starting the fashion show.
    So take your time, indeed the 24 hour gigs are hard when it comes to energy but they give good money and fans .

    There's that, doing a world trip and clicking all the tappables in all the locations, OR you can get energy by purchasing it with K stars.
    :rolleyes: Daily player on KKH , feel free to add me on fbk
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    Yeah tapping the tappables is the best way to get regain energy, or just waiting it out. You cannot quit any project you have agreed to do, and you don't have to start the new one's right away :) Just because you have accepted a project doesn't mean you have to rush to it. It will still be there a few hours later xD
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