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How do you make a lot of money in the game. I'm already hitting the objects that give you things. .

Why don't we make money from the so chic store? What a waste to buy it for all that money and it does nothing.

What is the purpose of buying a car? Or buying multiple houses? Is there something in the house that gives us exp, money or energy?
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    I totally suggest those things too. Doing long movies gets you lots of cash, if you're up for it. I think you can work at So Chic to earn some extra dough, but if not you can work at the Kardash stores. I think at a certain point in the game that maybe no one has gotten to yet, you have a lot of money and nothing to do with it. The cars show a better way of getting around the city, not on the train. It's more stylish and I believe you gain extra fans, if you're not past 50million fans yet. Hope I helped out, and also I usually use the little objects as ways to get energy because usually they only give 1 or 2 dollars, and that's not much to rely on. :)
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