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    MKaye2d45MKaye2d45 Registered Users 4 Posts
    Hi! I'm Maranda! My Game Center name is MKaye2d45.

    I would really love to have;
    - The black dress with the gold belt (120 stars)
    - The two in one pant shirt outfit that's tan (50 stars)
    - The white/light blue galaxy looking bracelet that's square with circles around it (30 stars I think)
    - the cheetah shoes (60 stars)
    - the pink and the black furry neck scarves (not sure stars)
    - the black sun shades that are pointy on both outsides (not sure stars)

    Getting any of these items would be such a pleasure!
    I would really appreciate it!
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    takeabletakeable Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 20 Posts
    I can't gift to anyone at all, due to the fact I no longer have my iPad. I'm figuring out alternatives best I can.
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    Ki_LoKi_Lo Registered Users 9 Posts
    My gc is KiLo2398 and my ign is Nina. I would love these!
    - pink floral print dress w/ pink belt costing 30 stars on the 20th row
    - black and red dress, 45 stars and on row 24
    - 3rd row mini black skirt
    -5th row, 20 stars black pants.
    Thanks for giving me this chance to get twm! Really appreciate it.
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    Divaem160Divaem160 Registered Users 3 Posts
    I would love to have some new clothes.
    I only really have the basic shoes.
    My gc name is:diva ema 160
    Though anything would be nice thank you
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    Surra420Surra420 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Sarah H.
    Game Center Name: surra420

    Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

    I would really love to recieve:


    Floor Length Black Gown
    Row: 7 Middle
    K Koins: 120

    Plaid Button Up
    Row: 18 Right
    K Koins: 30

    White and Red Dress
    Row: 28 Middle
    K Koins: 75

    White, Teal and Blue Dress
    Row: 28 Right
    K Koins: 50

    Pink Two Tone Dress
    Row: 31 Left
    K Koins: 35

    White Dress with Demin Jacket
    Row: 31 Middle
    K Koins: 120


    Jean Shorts
    Row: 6 Middle
    K Koins: 35


    Brown Knee Highs
    Row: 6 Middle
    K Koins: 75


    Skull Sleeve
    Row: 4 Right
    K Koins: 40

    Hipster Glasses
    Row: 6 Middle
    K Koins: 50

    Slate Necklace
    Row: 9 Middle
    K Koins: 25

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    ohdearmariaohdearmaria Registered Users 7 Posts
    i'm ohdearmaria on game center! i'd LOVE those red shoes with a strap on the ankle area they're so gorgeous! they cost 35 k koins sadly ):
    game center: ohdearmaria :confused:
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    ChipmunksChipmunks Registered Users 2 Posts
    takeable wrote: »
    I can't gift to anyone at all, due to the fact I no longer have my iPad. I'm figuring out alternatives best I can.

    Whoa, what happened? Did you lose it or was it stolen or what?

    :D I play Stardom: Hollywood and I send many gifts :D

    If you would like gifts on SH, please PM me with your Game Center and
    a description of what items you would like!
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    takeabletakeable Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 20 Posts
    Chipmunks wrote: »
    Whoa, what happened? Did you lose it or was it stolen or what?

    I believe it was stolen :( and now that I created the game on my iPod the game keeps crashing.
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    NikkihuyNikkihuy Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hello! This is so nice of you!! I would really loooooove the:
    -female outfit that is a leather jacket and the shirt and skirt with it are blue and yellow
    -the black high heels with a really thick strap around the ankles.
    -the outfit that is a white short sleeve and a pink skirt
    -and the ripped up blue jeans
    -and the tattered black muscle sleeveless tee(the one that looks like it coulda been guns and roses and the arms were cut off haha)

    Thank you so so sooo much if you do this! :)
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    KnvwnKnvwn Registered Users 7 Posts
    hi my game centre name is: KNVWN and anything will be greatly appreciated!
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    CherieceagCherieceag Registered Users 12 Posts
    My Game Center name is cheriece. (with the full stop) I honestly do not mind what I recieve, I'm just grateful for you doing this. Thanks!
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    anamariaanamaria Registered Users 27 Posts
    My wish is simple: anything from the heart will be deeply appreciated. Im especially in love with dresses and accessories!
    My game center name is anamaria998

    Thank you so much. Have a great day!
    Game center: anamaria998
    Add me!
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    Kecia23Kecia23 Registered Users 15 Posts
    Add as a friend! momK 23 I will gift too!
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    ChrissyisprissyChrissyisprissy Registered Users 22 Posts
    Just sent you a friend request on GC. If you are still gifting my wish list includes:
    -Black/red bustier midi dress
    -Blue satin gown
    -Black, semi-sheer floor length dress
    -White mini dress with the black graphics and bow around the waist
    -White/green/blue bandage dress
    -Beige jumpsuit
    -Ripped Jeans
    -Multi-color plaid button down
    -White jeans
    -Ruffle KK purple blouse
    -and the nude KK pumps

    Any of those you could send my way would be awesome. My GC name is: ChrissyisPrissy my IGN: is Chrystal
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    Jasy2485Jasy2485 Registered Users 26 Posts
    Heyy all I'm a newbie to the game also feel free to add me

    Game Center: ladyjasy2485

    I'll accept any nice shoes and dresses nd the bag with the dog in it thank you
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    One.Great.GirlOne.Great.Girl Registered Users 12 Posts
    Hi it's really awesome what you are doing. My game centre name is one.great.girl and IGN is Ava Quinn. If you could help me with any of these dresses it would be greatly appreciated.

    Dress with black blouse, white checkered skirt, and gold chain: middle column and 24 rows from the top. Above it is a purple top and to the right there is a red and black dress.

    Dress with a light pink blouse and pink bottom: middle column and located 16 rows from the top. Above it is a red dress and to its right is a white blouse.

    Another pink dress (white top, pink bottom, brown belt): middle column and 22 rows from the BOTTOM. Above it is a yellow crop top and to its right is a white and turquoise dress.

    Thank you so much xxx
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    badtoysoldier.badtoysoldier. Registered Users 9 Posts
    Hi :)
    My game name is Britney and my gc name is badtoysoldier.
    I'd be so gratefull if you could gift me the black leather jacket with the black dress
    The dress with the blue belt and blue prints
    the ripped jeans
    and the black new shoes the ones "picked by kim this week"
    If you'll do it you'll be my hero,seriously! lol
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    DajadajDajadaj Registered Users 15 Posts
    I need more gift please send anything you can. Preferably the items with stars. game center: dajadaj
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    GemMcCrkGemMcCrk Registered Users 1 Posts
    Game enter iD GemMcCrk. Character name Gen.
    I would like.
    The dress and jacket combo $4500
    And then anything else would be great :).
    If you somehow can gift items costing stars I would love the tattoo sleeve or the bag with the cat in it :).
    Thank you. Every body feel free to add me, I will gift back
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    Luvlife97Luvlife97 Registered Users 2 Posts
    My game center id is luvlife97
    I am rank 1 in the game with almost 80 million fans
    I gift back
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    mdvorakmdvorak Registered Users 5 Posts
    I would reallllly realllly appreciate anything that costs stars, I love all of it. Especially the KK collections. My GC is mac_ann. IGN is Maci
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    rebecca.lee17rebecca.lee17 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Add as a friend rebecca.lee17 I just started playing! I will honestly take anything that can be bought above level 7. I just need some style. (Preferably long dresses)
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