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This really grinds my gears, I have finished an 8 hour long project and got paid twice more than for 24 hour project! How is that even possible? If I only knew I wouldn't have bothered to waste my time for 1000$ and spending like 300$ to travel for the energy. I really hope you fix that cause it really blows.
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    You do realize that there's currently x2 money event for this weekend... right?
    Also it varies with the task you're dealing with. If you do international project, it pays you more than locals.
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    Yes I do realize that, and yes I am aware of the international project thing aswell, I am not an illiterate person. Still I got paid 2k$ for 8h project in downtown LA and 1,2k$ for 24h one which took place in Mexico. These rates were before x2 money weekend and as this game is basically Stardom: Hollywood I thought payments would be the same that's why I got really disappointed.
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    I find it better to do a lot of small projects. When Simon calls me, I look at all of them and usually take the one that is the shortest and is labeled as "international." In my opinion, 24 hr projects aren't worth it unless you absolutely have to do them with no other options. I know that feel bro. It takes so much to travel -_-
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    The payments on projects vary by studio. Meaning some studio's pay more for a project than others.
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