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Facebook Friends!


If you are in need of friends in KKH and play on the Facebook computer version, you have come to the right place! Add your Facebook details here and search the post for all the current players looking for friends!

To find out more about Friends in KKH check out the Adding Friends and The Benefits post ^_^

You can add players by sending them a friend request. Once they have accepted they should show in your contacts. You must be friends on Facebook and your friends must be playing KKH on Facebook too, otherwise they definitely won't show up.

Please Note: Sadly you cannot connect with players from Android, Kindle or Apple. Nor can you transfer your game to one of these devices.

Now get adding and making in-game buddies ;)

P.S: All New Add Me or Gift Request Posts that appear in this forum will be moved to the appropriate threads. If you posted a name/gift request somewhere other than these threads or the gifting threads, expect it be moved here for everyone's convenience.


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