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  • AnnaMeiiAnnaMeii Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
     If I could play more than one game on my phone with different logins! You'd make more money off of me if I could play more than one story/doll at a time.   (you didn't say it had to be a realistic suggetion 🤣 and a girl can dream, cant she?!)  

    I agree with others that there is a need for better organization and tracking of businesses, as well as the suggestion for changing the visibility of dyed clothing options.   Thanks for asking us!
  • Jenn1ferJenn1fer Registered Users, Member 29 Posts

    Hello, everyone! This is my first post on the forum, but I have been playing the game over three years now, so I have a lot of suggestions.

    • Be able to gift more items to a friend and maybe even give away some of your own clothes! There could also be a trade option.

    • A storyline about hiring a nanny. You'll get to interview them and at the end choose who is the best for your baby/babies. Or decide that you don't want to have a nanny at all and let your partner hold the baby in the nursery. Maybe the nanny can call you once a week and send you some energy and in return you pay her/him. This would be handy, 'cause a lot of people forget to visit their baby/babies. You could pay $5.000 or something like that and then never pay again or once in a while pay like $100. I would prefer the first option, but the second is more realistic. You could also let the nanny have a vacation sometimes and then your spouse can have a chance holding the baby.

    • A very long time ago I discovered that if you change your skin tone, the lipstick colours also change. I thought the lip colours of the darker skin tones were the most beautiful. Could you make all the default lipsticks available for every skin tone? (Preferably for free, but if I have to pay it's fine too.)

    • A new storyline about ruining Skylar Hale's (and for the male players, Chase Wilde's) reputation. I can't remember the last time I saw her, I only run into her manager sometimes. 

  • jcormier055jcormier055 Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    At a certain point in your career you should have the option to change managers or have a larger agency represent you.  That would entitle you to better gigs with higher pay.  Or possibly have Kris manage you.
  • inesferreira04inesferreira04 Registered Users, Member 85 Posts
    I think we should be able to be friends with Android players too, (If you’re an iOS player) and vice versa, because I know people in real life that play on Android and I can’t be friends with them :/
  • cloud_amber_kkhcloud_amber_kkh Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    •Plus size body options 
    •Different nose ring or other face piercing 
  • LostInAnImageLostInAnImage Registered Users, Member 424 Posts
    Stop ignoring paying customers. That would be a good start. 
    iPhone 8 iOS 12.3.1
  • elettrahereelettrahere Registered Users, Member 1,917 Posts
    edited July 2019
    More real looking eye colors. The Halloween one is so pretty, I wish I could buy it! 
    iOS player 🤠
  • EmmaNatureEmmaNature Registered Users, Member 43 Posts
    This came to my mind yesterday and I thought it would be good to post it here. Why haven’t we got an update on Kard-Jenner sisters...? Kendall and Lylie don’t look like teenagers anymore, Khloe looks way better now than she does in the game and so does Kourtney. It would Hebe great if we had an update on their looks, and also more stories and interactions with them besides their help for gigs and stuff. It would be great right? Well, that’s it. Thank you for your time! Much love 
  • samaaanthaaasamaaanthaaa Registered Users, Member 974 Posts
    @amza love that, even if it’s just daily during SYS or even once a week it would be fun, spinning wheels is always fun for some reason 😂
  • CosimoKKHCosimoKKH Registered Users, Member 14 Posts
    Hello there everyone! This is my first post here but I thought voicing some suggestions would be a nice way to get into the forums and to hopefully help impact the future of the game.
    I am a male kkh player and while I want to touch on that, I am going to start with more general suggestions.

    • Have a calendar in the game to keep track of your businesses. This would be great for knowing when a business will refresh or if a date changed, and if you need to use glu support, you can screenshot the calendar as picture support if say someone never calls when they are supposed to. (Liam I am looking at you)
    • Better scaling to gain fans. I know gaining fans takes a while, and it should, but gaining 1 mil fans from a party and then still gaining only 200,000 fans from a huge photoshoot with kim doesn't add up. It would be great if you could gain a larger amount of fans from project as you rank up. So a rank 150 A lister would make more than at rank 175.
    • Special storylines related to your doll's personality and gender. I would love to do more lgbt storylines rather than just having something for pride month (which felt like nothing for the males at least) and to have events for males that would be different from females (but same rewards in terms of fans and extra things), or to have special events for how I act in the game. Like if I am sassy I want more story related to that or to have the interactions from camera run-ins contribute to my image. If I want career advice, I would love to get a tweet about it like gossip and to maybe receive a call where I have to do an event or a few tasks.

    Now onto the male suggestions.
    • More rewards from the events. I have seen the games for kkh females and I had even played one. They get more rewards and more clothing and features for show your style that I wish guys could have. I would enjoy getting diamonds to purchase something someone is wearing and I would love to earn more clothing from checkpoints. Having more styles of clothes, hair, and accessories would also make the game feel more rewarding to me as a male kkh player because then I would be able to develop my own look to stand out from npc's and other players as well as being able to choose clothes rather than just buying a pair of pants because its the only thing I can buy. 
    • Better clothing dye. I have enjoyed dying my clothes to add color to my wardrobe and have fun but sometimes the dye just looks awful and removes good contrast in the clothes or is super dark. I love the rose gold dye when it makes things bright and luxurious looking but not when it looks dark and dull.
    • More male updates. This goes back to the events I guess but the females receive more new looks from updates then guys and it would be amazing to get more from updates to feel excited about the game. 
  • AmeliaKKHAmeliaKKH New Member Registered Users 722 Posts
    Is there a way to make ALL new items from the update show up in the featured tab? It would be amazing to access them so easily once we collect them! <3
  • DaydreamzDaydreamz Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Okay hi everyone! This is my first post so be patient with me lol. But anyways...

    More body sizes! It would be nice if we change our body shape to make it more realistic. This also include for the males, not just females! 

    Multiple colored hair! As in like an ombre hair style where we choose the colors. 

    All grown up kids! It would be nice if the children we have in the game aren't just babies. Let them age in the game or allow us to do activities with them at least! 

    Tweets/Posts! Instead of news reporters reporting things about our character, it be nice if we made our our post, such as the Kendall and Kylie game. 
  • cntarrcntarr Registered Users, Member 940 Posts
    I heard that game has lost a percentage of revenue and I had a small idea of what can help, so you can do a kollection called “The kollection” and instead of like a bundle and small prizes you can just have 8 bundles of previous kollections.
  • AnnaMeiiAnnaMeii Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    I noticed on SYS voting,  if I click "get this look" because I am interested in purchasing an item one of the dolls has or how many diamonds I will need to save up, I am no longer able to cast a vote for that set of dolls. 
    I want to cast votes for on-theme dolls, and just because I want a pair or shoes or a purse or drink a doll is holding, does not mean that is where my vote will be cast.... is it possible after getting items from the look, we can return an cast our vote before a new set of dolls is generated for voting? 
     Thank you for this awesome game, and thank you for hearing suggestions from your players. 
  • princesslexxprincesslexx Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    • more kollections that cost cash the first try
    • more body types
    • ombre hair
    • two different sys comp categories ; one for ticket buyers and one for people who cant buy tickets!! 
    • babies grow up and u can do things with them
    • make your own tweets that friends can see and comment on/ post pictures on a feed people can see and like
    • an agenda so you can remember where to go and collect and when
  • princesslexxprincesslexx Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    • more facial features ; freckles , moles , etc...
    • new unique nails/makeup colors
    • hangout with friends
    • daily wheel that has old clothes,kstars,diamonds or just some new ways to get diamonds/k stars
    • more clothing to gift friends
    • wishlist ; either to go back later and get it or maybe a friend could gift it to you! 
  • jhabsjhabs Registered Users, Member 1,941 Posts
    @Rikk I agree with lowering the points! Also, i personally find it really hard to finish both weekday and weekend events doing just storylines gigs- I think the points for finishing an 8 hour gig need to be higher than 20 bc it takes much more energy to complete compared to reality shows! I find that I am not able to make it through storylines because I want to finish the event so I just do reality shows. 
  • AmeliaKKHAmeliaKKH New Member Registered Users 722 Posts
    Add Cassio to the VIP booth
  • pinkrainbowpinkrainbow Registered Users, Member 107 Posts
    If your house is fully furnished, you should get that first star for parties free, like we do in other jobs 
  • AmeliaKKHAmeliaKKH New Member Registered Users 722 Posts
    Put black and blue dye in SYS and leave champagne/ice in weekend boxes. A whole month without the chance to get one or the other is just a bad joke tbh! 
  • DianaKKHDianaKKH Registered Users, Member 185 Posts
    edited August 2019
    ♡Look Book for SYS would be really great) I want to create my look, save and then use it in a one click. Because of difference in time zones I woke up in a middle of the night, and then just forget what I wanted to submit
    ♡Gifts for players after one year of playing, two, three and so on. We spend A LOT of time here, so maybe they can give us some sweet comeback
    ♡And my question of all times, why finishing of 6 hours event requires more energy than 8 hours event
    ♡New storyline after reaching A+++, more opportunities, businesses
    ♡Also I really tired off fighting with Willow, it was pushing force to be better at the beginning, cause you wanted to overrun her, but now I don't need to prove anything 
  • SarahardeySarahardey Registered Users, Member 67 Posts
    Please upgrade the giftable closet. its been so long.
  • yezxyezx Registered Users, Member 2,534 Posts

    iOS player since June 2018. DM to add. 
    Link to the discord server:

    Make kkh great again: 
    Cap on T$ - Be more generous with diamonds, stars and dye - Update tb items, perks, achievements and FG/SMC - Reduce points during weekday events - Jewelry for 12 diamonds every week -  20 daily videos for everyone
  • CosimoKKHCosimoKKH Registered Users, Member 14 Posts
    @yezx Yes! A separate male/female sys would be amazing because I have never really been able to beat out the females and don't feel a huge push to without strong rewards (besides the stars). And I would love to see where I really stand with the guys as there is usually like one more guy or two in my group.

    I would also love for the male kkh players to get the diamonds to be able to grab other items from the sys events. Sometimes I love something I saw a guy wear and would love a way to grab it without spending all my k-stars or cash to try and get that same item. And having more clothing rewards from things would probably also be a great way to make the diamond system for guys stronger and I think all the male players, or those who play male characters rather, would enjoy having a reason to participate and play feeling rewarded or at least push more for rewards and the ability to get something. 

    Going along with the calendar / way for people to view their business tasks, I think it could be a great idea to add a way to see your weekly profits from a business (or an estimate if you complete the business goal/event, and including the cash earned from the mission that spawns after starting a business event) for the efficiency of tracking and having more incentive to save up to buy something and knowing how much you have to play to reach that point.

    And seeing the amount of xp needed to level up would be super nice. I hate being at what looks like a full bar and having o do like 5 parties to reach the next level. And maybe having more level up rewards as well since it does take quite a while to level up and it sucks to get the same reward after leveling up as you did last time. Like it makes leveling up seem worthless since energy doesn't increase and you get a small payout from it.
  • CosimoKKHCosimoKKH Registered Users, Member 14 Posts
    Another suggestion that I was just reminded of was maybe another comeback or some sort of special event after you've reached the #1 spot to be able to earn more from business and other events, maybe even increasing in profits each time you do a comeback / reach #1 for the first time in each a level (A, A+, A++, A++)
    I feel like this would create more motivation for players to stick onto the game, knowing that they can really be making a profit to be able to get the things they see without having to pay for them all. I understand pay to play games and this game feels balanced for the most part, I think getting cash and k-stars has been fairly easy lately but I think it would feel more rewarding to be rewarded after reaching the huge milestones that someone in real life would be able to bank off of a lot.

    And a business idea that could be interesting (or maybe a comeback) is to be able to write books or film a movie or series or to record music or something in which you could earn royalties from every few days and scales as you do more and more events over the weeks until you reach like a cap payment value. So maybe its like a free business if its involved in a comeback, which would be really beneficial to those who hadn't bought any businesses or for those who feel like they have a lot going on in the game and irl to have a simple task in which they can earn enough to be able to miss a few days of a business without feeling punished or to be able to gain the resources to build up the other businesses.
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