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I really think we need a feature where we can create ONE person we want to date. I don't know about you but all these blue haired people with bad taste in clothing aren't my idea of a perfect wife. You should be speaking to Kim and she should ask what your dream date would be and you could say "Well..." And then it could load the avatar creating screen and you could make one. Then Kim could reply with something and say that she knows someone you might be interested in and then she can set up a date. If you break up that's it but you should get one chance with someone who's hair and makeup and clothes you can select. Also she could ask if they're famous and you could pay like 10 k stars to say yes and they would be a list? You could also maybe choose a name.

Anyone think this is a good idea? Comment and let me know.


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    it's good. But I really prefer playing with other live real people in my friend contacts. Sure, they're friends from here or Google or GC, but we speak here, I know them. lol. And the nice thing....they don't know you've married them unless you tell them. Are you android or ios? I play both and have lots of lovely or handsome friends (back by real people), I'll hook you up. :)
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    Well, I can tell you that I once had my male and female avatars start to date-- I'd created both of them, so they were the cutest people I could imagine. It felt kind of pervy and lonely. Made if the game began animating them, having them say and do things, it'd feel different, but I think Kokokokonut's right again.
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    I think its a great idea... and would also LOVE if they'd make all our old "network" contacts available to date as well!!!

    I only play on my own... but may hit y'all up if I continue playing.
    It sounds fun playing with other real ppl.
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    Suggestion thread!
  • itsmauroitsmauro Experienced Member Registered Users 100 Posts
    My avatar is a gay boy, most of my GC friends are girls, I want really cute boys to date!!!
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