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Hi all

I love the game, and am addicted to it, I have restarted it a few times because none of my friends are playing it but I always just start a new game as I cant stop playing ;) I play on my Iphone so if anyone wants to add me on game centre I am under Kittennayden

Look forward to chatting to all you guys about the game :D


  • EternalLoveEternalLove New Member Registered Users 46 Posts
    Hi all

    I had to restart the game due to problems with my Iphone, I have kept some friends but lost some so re add me if you want :)
  • EternalLoveEternalLove New Member Registered Users 46 Posts
    I thought I would post in here rather than start a new thread, thanks very much to xgemmalouisesummersx for all the gifts, you are a star xx I just wanted to add most of my friends are ahead of me in the game so I cant gift back, as they have all the stuff I can gift- but I have a couple that I can gift too, can you please let me know anything you want gifted as I want to send something to you that you actually want :) xx
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    Hi, my GC and username in kkh is Ludb86
    Im an addict too, i just want reaching the highest level! so im play and play
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