Gifting everything V2.



  • MercyDeenWhiteMercyDeenWhite Registered Users 3 Posts
    My CG : MercyDeen and game name : Mercy Deen White
  • lovely12lovely12 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Game ID: 990005002634187
    In game name: Cassiie Melinda
    please gift me everything!
  • Jesslundberg93Jesslundberg93 Registered Users 11 Posts
    My GC is jessmarie1993. Help a girl out please! Lol
    GC is jessmarie1993 :)
  • MissxveeMissxvee Registered Users 8 Posts
    My GAme Center is Missxvee and so is my in game name!
  • RaychachaRaychacha Registered Users 10 Posts
    My GC and name in game are both Raychacha. Thanks in advance.
  • kcozzakcozza Registered Users 4 Posts
    GC: KImcozza
    anything would be nice, thank you!! :)
  • AngiejAngiej Registered Users 5 Posts
    Babygirl wrote: »
    I haven't been on, nor keeping up with replies on my last thread. So I'm making a new thread and this time I will be keeping up with this thread.

    **I will be gifting everything from coins to stars.**

    1. Please drop your Game Center I.D. and PLEASE make sure it's correct.
    2. Also please do drop your in game name.

    I do not need anything in return~ thank you <3
    Also I am level 27 - I still will be leveling up (I barely play KKH) so bare with me with the higher level gifts. :o

    Gc is jeremyls14 and game name is Angela ! Add please!!
  • _franciaaaa_franciaaaa Registered Users 7 Posts
    Game Center is _Franciaaaa
    Name in game is Aria
  • RaquelMialletRaquelMiallet Registered Users 9 Posts
    Can you send me some gifts please? It will be great! Mi ID is: RaquelMiallet
  • icey186icey186 Registered Users 6 Posts
    Hi! My game center user name is #icey186 and my in game name is Artemis :)
  • alyssamichelle719alyssamichelle719 Registered Users 16 Posts
    my GC is alyssamichelle719 my KKH name is Alyssa Michelle!
    Game Center: alyssamichelle719
    KKH Level: 25 on the A List
  • MissxveeMissxvee Registered Users 8 Posts
    Game Center is Missxvee! In game name is Missxvee also! Thanks! <3
  • KyreesheneKyreeshene Registered Users 18 Posts
    GC: Kyreeshene
    Name in game: Kyree
  • KategetstokedKategetstoked Registered Users 31 Posts
    My Game Center name is: Kategetstoked

    It's the same in the game as well 😘

    I have been dying to get some of the k star items but I just cannot afford them !!!! If someone could please help me out I'll love you forever !!!! 😍😍😍

    I had to start my whole game over a couple weeks ago and work my way back up ! 😭😭😰
  • JosebethCJosebethC Registered Users 7 Posts
    Hi, my GC user is JosebethC, and my name in the Game is Ade, i would Love gifts, i used yo be level 24 and my Game just got deleted u.u, so i'm level 4 again
  • EstoysaraEstoysara Registered Users 11 Posts
    my gc is neetch_ and my in game name is Nala :)
  • josepinillaajosepinillaa Registered Users 14 Posts
    I'm top one A+++ , Add me : GC JOSEPINILLAA
  • cleoxxcleoxx Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hi my Game Center name is Cleovdm and my kim K name is Cleo.
    Can i have stars please? Would make my day (:
  • Hino ReiHino Rei Registered Users 21 Posts
    My GC name is Hino Rei and my in-game name is Meg. Anything you can gift me would be greatly appreciated :)
  • Andrea.x99Andrea.x99 Registered Users 2 Posts
    My GC is andrea.x99 ! Thank you!
  • MegamientjeMegamientje Registered Users 5 Posts
    GC: megamientje (also name in game) thanks!!
  • Tarabella08Tarabella08 Registered Users 465 Posts
    Tarabella08 my name is Tara :)
    GC: tarabella08
    Feel free to add me! I love playing with new friends :)
  • Nemo_Nemo_ Registered Users 2 Posts
    GC: [nemo_]
    Ingame name: Elle
    Anything is fine really 😍💁🏻💕
  • S.pS.p Registered Users 5 Posts
    Hey my GC IS SaraLoblack thank you :)
  • LcperkgirlLcperkgirl Registered Users 12 Posts
    This is awesome. My GC is brainygranger and my in game name is Lilly. Thanks in advance! :)
    GC: brainygranger
    I'm Lilly in KKH and KK games.
    My star id in Britney Spears game is: J7D778G4.
    Would love to be friends!
  • ChanaeChanae Registered Users 4 Posts
    Can you gift me the long black dress that costs like 6000 dollars? ID is Chanae💕
  • Ivj2505Ivj2505 Registered Users 7 Posts
    My GC is : Ivj2505
    My game name is : ivana
  • maltanmaltan Registered Users 21 Posts
    I'd appreciate anything! Thank you! GC username: maltan248
  • Melissa PassonMelissa Passon Registered Users 11 Posts
    Game ID is Azalee (: w the smiley face included and my name in the game is Zoe I believe. Thanks :)
  • Wedjat13Wedjat13 Registered Users 19 Posts

    Game Center name is lardib
    Game name is Larra

    I'll take any gifts your willing to give, I'm not picky.

    Thank you!
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