Gifting everything V2.



  • jennifartjennifart Registered Users 2 Posts
    Babygirl wrote: »
    I haven't been on, nor keeping up with replies on my last thread. So I'm making a new thread and this time I will be keeping up with this thread.

    **I will be gifting everything from coins to stars.**

    1. Please drop your Game Center I.D. and PLEASE make sure it's correct.
    2. Also please do drop your in game name.

    I do not need anything in return~ thank you <3
    Also I am level 27 - I still will be leveling up (I barely play KKH) so bare with me with the higher level gifts. :o

    My GC is jennifart🐳 and my in game name is jenn. I'd appreciate anything you could gift me. Thank you so much in advance! :D
  • DollfaceDollface Registered Users 4 Posts
    GC name is Tashiib
  • TaddyXCTaddyXC Registered Users 47 Posts
    If you are gifting please gift anything I have left under level 27 please: clothes, shoes, accessories!
    GC name: thajazzman

    Name in the game Taddy Rossi Monroe.

    Thank you so much in advance. Very generous of you! I always gift back so can gift you higher level stuff if you'd like!!!
  • sgambzsgambz Registered Users 7 Posts
    Game Center: Sarahgambit
    In-game: Sarah Gambit

  • Ludb86Ludb86 Registered Users 21 Posts
    GC and name in game: Ludb86

  • Angel123321Angel123321 Registered Users 7 Posts
    Hi my Game Center is ?__Jacob__! Plus it's my kkh username too. Recently my game reset and I lost everything if you don't believe me please check my account thanks! :3 but my Game Center may be: Maria Isikli too
  • DollfaceDollface Registered Users 4 Posts
    Tashii88 on game enter. I would appreciate any gift preferably kstar items. My kkh name is Dia
  • xoxotobixoxotobi Registered Users 2 Posts
    My name is xoxoTobi; can you gift me everything? Thank you!!! :)
  • Kate GreyKate Grey Registered Users 29 Posts
    Hi! My GC is Nanda_Parentoni and the game name is Kate Grey! Thank you so much :)
  • 85popo85popo Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hi my GameCenter name is 85popo and my KKH name is Hope. Thanks!
  • shrimpshrimp Registered Users 41 Posts
    Please send me some gifts! My game got erased when I was level 34 and I lost absolutely everything that I paid for. It's really rough starting over but I'd appreciate any gifts at all! My GC is effyd
    Thanks sooo much!
  • KyreesheneKyreeshene Registered Users 18 Posts
    GC: Kyreeshene
    In Game Name: Kyree
    Anything would help. Thanks
  • DopeJennerDiamondsDopeJennerDiamonds Registered Users 4 Posts
    My GC: DopeJennerDiamonds
    And my i game name is Aviana Blu 😔
  • samanthayhsamanthayh Registered Users 25 Posts
    My gc is samanthayh and my name in game is just Samantha
  • RaayyhoeRaayyhoe Registered Users 11 Posts
    Me!! My GC is raayyhoe😊 My in game name is sophie
  • nicshevnicshev Registered Users 1 Posts
    hello!!! I don't know if you're still doing this or if you know it's over or anything but my GC is nicole_shev and I just had to restart the app because I got a new phone and account. but if you can send anything really, it would be so greatly appreciate it and I just hope I'm not too late but I'm just going to thank you either way because this is so very sweet of you 💕
  • AnastasiaHollywoodAnastasiaHollywood Registered Users 1 Posts
    New and could really use nice items please and thank you so much.

    GC: Anastasia Hollywood
  • elizabaeelizabae Registered Users 15 Posts
    i just responded to the old thread and saw this right after! lol anyway hopefully you're still checking this, if so
    gc: idkelizabeth
    in game name: Elizabae

    thank you in advance if you do end up checking this! ☺️ <3
  • elizabaeelizabae Registered Users 15 Posts
    omgOMG THANK U SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE GIFTS! u are so amazing thank u thank u thank u!!! ^_^ <3
  • Nicole03Nicole03 Registered Users 25 Posts
    Hi my GC name is Mrs. Ash 09.03.12 and my in game name is Ashleigh thank you
  • Sheebs329Sheebs329 Registered Users 9 Posts
    Hello😊 my GC name is Sheebs329 and IGN is Sheba
  • shrimpshrimp Registered Users 41 Posts
    I lost all my progress about two weeks ago so I lost my entire wardrobe. I do have some things that I paid for but I would really appreciate any gifts you can give me! My GC is effyd and I'll be so grateful for anything! Thanks so much :)
  • MaryamkMaryamk Registered Users 8 Posts
    Please gift me my GC is :Maryamkh: thank you!
  • MaryamkMaryamk Registered Users 8 Posts
    Sorry reposting because I didn't put in my game name
    Yes please I'm :Maryamkh: on GC and anything you can gift is appreciated
    In game name is Maryam K
  • Mikey HendrixMikey Hendrix Registered Users 6 Posts
    Hello, my GC is Sasaphrazz
    My game name is Mikey
    I would appreciate anything, thank you
  • LunaLopezLunaLopez Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hiya i've just restarted. I would really appreciate anything you could send. GC: Danniilouuxo and my name in the game is Luna Lopez. Thank you xD
  • Viv3_6Viv3_6 Registered Users 13 Posts
    Hi! I recently had a set back on my game because I lost my phone and didn't have room to back my kkh game up. I completely lost everything. I would greatly appreciate any gifts anyone send to me. Thank you all in advance 🙏🏽 GC: viv3_6 KKH: Leah pink
  • martax.94martax.94 Registered Users 1 Posts
    My name is both on gc and on kkh martax.94 pls gift me :)
  • IamKiaIamKia Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hey!! My GC name is iiKea and my in game name is Mikea. Thank you soo much for the opportunity to develop a friendship and I'm grateful for any gifts.
  • ColyColy Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hi! My GC name is
    My in game name is also =NiC0ly= Anything you can gift would be so appreciated. Thank you so much!
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