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Recently, Dollfacex posted a thread for a gifting party. She said that she sent the gifts but I haven't gotten them yet, luckily she as well made a thread about the concerns of people whom she gifted that did not get gifts. I am well aware that there are many other threads like this one, but in most of the threads I've read about this situation it says to submit a ticket saying the gifters in game name your in game name and what's items this sent. But I cannot completely fill out this ticket because the gifts were random. I've noticed this has been a problem for quite a while but just last week I gifted my friend an item and she got it, she also sent me a gift back and I received it. It was only a split second when I got the gift after her. But this gifting experience is taking a while and, as ian impatient person, I'm thinking of considering giving up. I really just hope that this situation gets addressed by moderators and gets fixed. And to know that this has been going one for a while and hasn't been fixed really disappoints me.
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