Friends account keeps acting up on friend list

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Last week I added an account from Game Center, and her account kept acting up, changing looks, lists, and levels. 2 days ago a different account added me on Game Center but now, the two accounts merged I think and they both act up and change names. image.jpg1_zpsrhw1p7te.jpg
I deleted both accounts but they still keep acting up going from a list to d list to b list to e list etc. Hpw can I fix this?:confused:
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    No, it looks like they have connection issues, and there is nothing you can do. You can still play with them, it won't affect your gameplay. My husband on 8 months switches between 2 names. I call him for a date, and when he gets there, his name is wrong. But again, it doesn't affect gameplay. Just keep playing and enjoy the game. Hope this helps.

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