Is there a reason to date?

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My Doll is married but she also has about 6 other Dolls she is dating. These are GC friends. Is there any real benefit to dating or can I just let them get their heart broken?

Also, I'm very close to reaching 12,000 with my Spouse. Is there another level that opens up?
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    Hey Holly, the only real benefits are fan increase when you reach each relationship milestone (when it says 'dating 1'(/2/3 etc.), event points in dating weekend events and k stars when you reach milestones on top couples list (but I'm not sure how that works if you date more than one person). So not that much - but if you break up you won't be able to invite them to anything unless you pay kstars and start dating them again.

    12,000 is the max I think - if you haven't adopted a baby your partner will ask if you want to conceive at this point
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    Of course u get fans too
  • PolkaDotPolkaDot Senior Member 1,226 PostsRegistered Users
    In a word: No.
  • HollySiskHollySisk Senior Member 3,407 PostsRegistered Users
    I've now reached 12,000 so I'm at "max" with my spouse. Since I can't earn any more relationship rewards, should I divorce and focus on dating someon else?
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    HollySisk wrote: »
    I've now reached 12,000 so I'm at "max" with my spouse. Since I can't earn any more relationship rewards, should I divorce and focus on dating someon else?
    If you want a baby, wait until he asks you, then you could divorce him. :P but yeah might as well.
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    It really depends.
    The pros of having a date are that they help you get you by faster during dating events, this is depending on how far you're into the relationship with them.

    The cons are that you have to date them everyday. You can decline dating when they call you [up to three times last time I checked, they might have less "tolerance" depending on your stats idk].
    You also have to have a decent amount of money if you wanna finish the dates faster, and gifting if you wanna level up.

    I put off dating since the game started, for as long as I could, but then the baby feature got introduced and I got curious about it, plus the whole dating event thing. So with this being said, in my own experience, dating isn't worth it. Hell, I even regret having a baby and I wish that when you divorce, they took the baby from you [but I guess since some people spent 160 kstars for that, it'd make people mad]. I guess it's also the fact that, at the very beginning of the game, dates were rude af if you didn't have enough heart points and the fact that you have to pay for everything and the wedding extra quests.

    So if it wasn't because I have maxed out the stats with my wife, I would've honestly dumped her by now.
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    If you're a masochist, it can be kinda fun to hear new and unusual ways for a woman to leave you!

    During the last dating event, I had a torrid, prize-driven affair with a previously unknown GC friend. She had the new Taylor Swift hair, favored very tight little wrap-dresses, and made the most stirring little meowing noises <not kidding>, but when she dumped me, it was all personal attacks and such. No more cute meowing then, I can tell you.

    Still, a good time. But I never keep up with the random flings in between dating events. I have two much bigger fish to fry, anyway. Reason to date: not really.
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    I only date my husband every day so we won't let me. It sounds so pathetic when I say it, but that's the true. My husband it's really needy, he can call twice a day for a date. It's a nightmare, I think that I will just stick with my little girl for life.
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    Sooo I've been dating someone on the d list and we're supposed to get married. If I marry, can I still date other ppl and it not affect me in the media? Will I become more famous if I date someone who's an a lister like me?
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator 23,748 PostsModerators
    I think this is a great question, but would probably be better suited in General Discussion. And you can also check the Game FAQs at One or two dates will not hurt you, till the other one wants to commit or break up with you,

    I'm moving this, and leaving a redirect .
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